Women’s NSW Amateur

Tournament Date

20 – 24 January 2020


St. Michael’s Golf Club
The Coast Golf Club

Tournament Info

Amateur Golf Links

Tournament Date

20 – 24 January 2019


St Michael’s Golf Club
The Coast Golf Club

The Women’s NSW Amateur Championship incorporates the 36-hole Stroke Play Championship.

IN 2020, the 36 hole stroke play championship will be conducted at St. Michaels’ and the Coast Golf Clubs. After the conclusion of the Strokeplay Championship, the top 16 players who are available will progress to the Women’s NSW Amateur Championship.

The Women’s Amateur Championship consists of four rounds of match play (Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Final, & Final), each match being 18-holes, except for the final which is decided over  36-holes.

Played in conjunction with the Strokeplay Championship is the Leo Wray Bowl for the 36 hole nett winner, The Country Championship Cup and the Metropolitan Championship Cup.

Tournament Info

Details about entries for the 2020 NSW Amateur will be released shortly

Honour Roll: Women's NSW Amateur Championship

2019 Lisa Edgar
2018 Ina Yoon
2017 Somi Lee
2016 Ga Young Lee
2015 Eun Bun Kim
2014 Doey Choi
2013 Not Played 
2012 H Bettencourt
2011 Grace Lennon
2010 Sue Wooster
2009 Justine Lee
2008 Bree Arthur
2007 Jenny Lee
2006 Sarah Oh
2005 Sarah Oh
2004 Helen Oh
2003 Julie Swanson
2002 Nikki Campbell
2001 Nikki Campbell
2000 Nikki Campbell
1999 C Butler
1998 Nadina Campbell
1997 A Bannerman
1996 S Doggett
1995 A Wheelhouse
1994 Renay Fowler
1993 Karrie Webb
1992 R Hetherington
1991 C Neilson
1990 T Hale
1989 Elizabeth Cavill
1988 K Pearce
1987 Vicki Jellis
1986 Edwina Kennedy
1985 Edwina Kennedy
1984 Edwina Kennedy
1983 Corrine Dibnah
1982 Mrs E Douglas
1981 Elizabeth Cavill
1980 Heather Bleeck
1979 Edwinda Kennedy
1978 Miss L Oxley
1977 Miss J Bretherton
1976 Vicki Jellis
1975 Heather Bleeck
1974 Mrs M Parsons
1973 Mrs I Blumberg
1972 Mrs G Goose
1971 Mrs G Ganan
1970 Miss A Kenny
1969 Miss B Dlagleish
1968 Miss E Blackmore
1967 Miss E Blackmore
1966 Miss M Hickey
1965 Miss C Blair
1964 Mrs R Thomas
1963 Miss B Dalgleish
1962 Mrs B Wirth
1961 Miss J Greenwood
1960 Mrs R McColl
1959 Miss N Broadbent
1958 Miss P Bothwick
1957 Miss N Broadbent
1956 Miss M Nair
1955 Miss J Gillespie
1954 Mrs W P Smith
1953 Miss P Borthwick
1952 Miss P Borthwick
1951 Miss P Borthwick
1950 Miss N George
1949 Miss P Borthwick
1948 Miss P Borthwick
1947 Mrs E J Gowing
1946 Mrs M Roskin
1940-1945 Not played
1939 Miss M Rankin
1938 Mrs L Horne
1937 Miss P Sydney-Jones
1936 Miss C Robinson
1935 Miss J hood-Hammond
1934 Miss J hood-Hammond
1933 Miss O Lefebvre
1932 Miss J hood-Hammond
1931 Miss O Lefebvre
1930 Miss L Wray
1929 Mrs R Clements
1928 Mrs F Slack
1927 Miss P Sydney-Jones
1926 Miss M Green
1925 Mrs A Yuille
1924 Mrs R Pennefather
1923 Mrs W Triglone
1922 Mrs A Yuille
1921 Mrs A Yuille
1920 Mrs M Barton
1915-1919 Not Played
1914 Miss N Parbury
1913 Miss D Boys
1912 Miss w Duret
1911 Miss N Parbury
1910 Miss N Parbury
1909 Miss N Caird
1908 Miss L Wray
1907 Miss L Wray
1906 Miss L Wray
1905 Mrs R Aitken
1904 Mrs Trevor Jones
1903 Mrs Trevor Jones

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