Get into Golf for Women

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Beginning April  2021
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*For more info about the Get into Golf – for Women program, or to register an interest in arranging a program near you, please contact Nicole Bessant

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Get into Golf for Women

Get Into Golf and Enjoy

Golf is a game for everyone and can be played with the entire family. It also allows us to get some sun and fresh air in a natural environment helping to reduce stress too. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and golf is a great way to keep our minds active and allows us to get plenty of gentle exercise. Golf is an inclusive sport and a game for life, whether playing 2 or 3 holes with friends or 18 holes, you are a part of the Golfing community.

Junior Girls Golf

MyGolf Girls only is an entry level program designed to introduce young females to the game of Golf and to meet other young girls with a passion for Golf. It aims to build friendships and support to encourage further development of all aspects of their golf game with an emphasis on fun.


Get into Golf for Women is a 10-week introductory course for women to learn to play golf. The program consists of 6 x 1-hour lessons once a week with 15 minutes of social interaction at the end of each lesson. Across the 10 weeks all participants will be considered members of the club with access to facilities. The final 4 weeks allow participants to play on the course and use rounds to obtain a handicap and become accustom to the culture of the club.

The Get into Golf for Women pilot program will be run across golf clubs in the Illawarra.

Program Format

  • 10-week access to the clubhouse and course
  • 6 x teaching lessons
  • 75 minutes per session with 15 minutes inclusive social time with other participants and coach
  • Run by a PGA or WPGA professional
  • Includes instruction time out on the course
  • Club members join in final few weeks to welcome you to the club
  • Equipment is provided
  • Flexible programs to cater for working women

All programs are delivered by a PGA Professional and supported by the PGA and WPGA. If your local Golf Club does not have a professional Golf NSW will work with the PGA to try and find one to accommodate the program.


Get into Golf for Seniors is designed for people 55 years of age that may never have played golf and would like to give it a try, or for those that played many years ago and would like to be involved again. This is program is for both women and men.

Golf is not only good for our body but it’s great for our mental health. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends, meet new people and keep some sense of community in our lives.

FAQ’s & Golf Myth Busters

Golf takes too long

Not True! There are different formats of golf that can cater for everyone. Golf does not have to be played in 9 or 18 holes. Golf can take as long as you need it to if that means only 1 hole then you are still playing.

Golf is not inclusive

Not True! Golf is one of the most inclusive sports in the world. It is one of the only sports that Men Women and children can all play at the same time regardless of age and ability. Golf Courses are required to have space for both men and women to play across all days of the week.

I don’t hit it very far so I can’t compete

Ok, not everybody is going to be able to hit it as far as the men and women on TV but golf has a handicapping system that caters for all abilities to ensure a level  laying field regardless of how far you can hit the ball.

Golf is not cool and for old people

Tell that to Hannah Green who has just won a Major on the LPGA Tour in the US, or Minjee Lee world number 8, both who are under 25 years old and ranked inside the top 25 female golfers in the world.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothes and runners (gym wear is acceptable at some venues). No need to buy golf specific clothes. Remember to bring a hat and sunscreen. If unsure, call the proshop for their dress code.

I don’t have any golf clubs. Do I need to buy or hire some?

No, the venue will supply everything you need for each session, just bring yourself.

I’m coming alone

Don’t worry about coming by yourself, there will be other women in the clinic you can meet and make friends with.

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