September 23, 2021

Keno Let’s Play Ambrose

Keno Let’s Play Ambrose


State Final Date & Venue

Sunday 5 – Wednesday 8 December 2021
Bonville Golf Resort

2021 Regional Finals

See below (Stage 2 – Regional Finals)

2021 Tournament Links

For Further information, please contact Emmanuel Aravanis
Phone: (02) 9505 9105
E: [email protected]

Amateur Golf Links

The Keno Let’s Play Ambrose is a two-person ambrose event aimed at club golfers and encouraging them to enjoy the fun aspects of golf.
Stage 1: Golf Club’s Qualifying Round

A Golf Club’s qualifying round must be conducted as a two-person ambrose event. The leading male, female and mixed pair at each Club qualifying will advance to Stage 2. If a leading pair is unavailable for Stage 2, the next placed pair may replace them.

Club qualifying dates should be scheduled prior to 1 September to ensure qualifiers have sufficient time to attend their chosen Regional Final.

Each Club is entitled to have a pair in the men’s, women’s and mixed categories progress to Stage 2.

If a club has more than 21+ pairs in any of the men’s, women’s and mixed competitions pay to play, they are entitled to have two (2) pairs progress to Stage 2, in that competition

Event Information:

See below for a summary of some key points to the Keno Let’s Play Ambrose. For all details please refer to the Terms of Competition below.

1. The Pair must have a minimum combined daily handicap of 8 (eg. if one player’s daily hanidcap is 4 and the second players daily handicap is 2 – they cannot play together because combined that is only 6)

2. Each player in the pair must have no more than 20 strokes difference in their daily handicap. (eg. If the lowest marker’s daily handicap is 5, their partner must play off no more than a daily handicap of 25).

NOTE: If a pairs daily handicaps are more than 20 strokes different, the higher marker will be limited to a daily handicap 20 strokes above the lower marker’s daily handicap.

3. The pair’s PLAYING handicap on the day will be ¼ of their combined daily handicap.

4. Each player must use at least 6 tee shots during a round.

5. Tee shots used MUST be indicated on the scorecard.

6. All entrants must attain the age of 18 years by the date of the State Final. 

Entry Fee: $5.00 per pair


(Please refer to Terms of Competition for full details.)


KENO Ambrose Rules used at the Regional Finals & State Final

  • Both players may place the ball within one club length where the original ball has been marked
  • Players must play from the same area of the course where the ball has been marked (eg General Area, Bunker, Penalty Area)
  • Ball on the green must be placed with 15cms of the marked ball (not nearer the hole)



Stage 2: Regional Finals

There will be Twelve (12) Regional Finals that will be managed by Golf NSW, and will be held in NSW metropolitan and regional areas.

The Leading Male, Female and Mixed pair from each Regional Final will advance to Stage 3 – State Final.

Regional Final Venues:

Goulburn Golf Club – Sunday 19 September

Longyard Golf Club – Sunday 26 September

Links Shell Cove Golf Club – Sunday 26 September

Campbelltown Golf Club – Thursday 14th October 

Yamba Golf Club – Sunday 17 October

Shelly Beach Golf Club – Sunday 24 October

Wentworth Golf Club – Sunday 24 October

Deniliquin Golf Club – Sunday 31 October

Forster-Tuncurry Golf Club – Sunday 7 November

Liverpool Golf Club – Tuesday 9th November

Bermagui Country Club – Sunday 14 November

Cumberland Country Club – Sunday 14th November 

Stage 3: State Final at Bonville Golf Resort

The State Final will be conducted over two (2) rounds of 18-holes. Scoring for each round will be based on ranking for that round such that the net winner of the round will receive 1 point, net second-place will receive 2 points, net third-place will receive 3 points and so on. The winner of the State Final will be the pairing with the lowest points across the two rounds.

Covered by Golf NSW is the cost of two (2) rounds of golf, accommodation for 3 nights, welcome BBQ, the presentation dinner and breakfast on all three (3) mornings. One room at Bonville Golf Resort will be provided to the qualifying pair for the 3 nights. If additional accommodation is required for partners or additional guests, packages may be available at alternate venues.

Bonville Golf Resort – Sunday 5th to Wednesday 8th December


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