NSW Vardon Trophy

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For further information please contact:

Tahnia Ravnjak
P: (02) 9505 9105
E: tahnia.ravnjak@golfnsw.org.au

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The NSW Vardon Trophy is open to male amateur golfers who hold a current Australian or overseas equivalent handicap of four and under. The Vardon Trophy runs through the calendar year.

Players are no longer required to register with Golf NSW to participate. Results are automatically added to the Vardon averages table after they participate in their first Vardon event for the year.

Events (see attached calendar) are run by the individual host Clubs. Clubs may apply to host a Vardon event by contacting Golf NSW. Clubs who host these events must meet the minimum requirements and be approved by Golf NSW. National Trial Events are also included on the list of counting events.

The winner of the NSW Vardon Trophy will be the player who has the lowest scoring average for the 12 months period and has played a minimum of 25 rounds. 

A player’s worst round is dropped after they have played the required 25 rounds and then with each subsequent five (5) rounds played, one (1) worst round will be dropped accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: Vardon averages show all registered competitors, regardless of the required amount of rounds for qualification each has played.

Honour Roll: The NSW Vardon Trophy

2020: N/A (Covid-19)
2019 Nathan Barbieri
2018 Josh Armstrong
2017 Blake Windred 
2016 Dylan Perry
2015 Austin Bautista
2014 Cameron Davis
2013 Jordan Zunic
2012 Brett Drewitt
2011 Brett Drewitt
2010 Matt Stieger
2009 Brendan Smith
2008 Brendan Smith
2007 Rohan Blizzard
2006 Won Jon Lee
2005 Won Jon Lee
2004 A McKenzie
2003 J Nitties
2002 A Groom
2001 C Campbell
2000 S Gardiner
1999 M Smith
1998 P Sheehan
1997 B Jones
1996 B Jones
1995 P Sheehan
1994 B MacDonaldn
1993 P Gow
1992 M Ecob &
M Holland
1991  L Parsons
1990 L Parsons
1989 L Parsons
1988 L Petersen
1987 C Longley
1986R Picker
1985 B Ogle
1984 G Power
1983 J Wagner
1982 A Gresham
1981 A Gresham
1980 C Kaye
1979 A Gresham
1978 A Gresham
1977 A Gresham
1976 A Gresham
1975 A Gresham
1974 A Gresham
1973 A Gresham
1972 A Gresham
1971 N Ratcliffe
1970 A Gresham
1969 A Gresham
1968 A Gresham
1967 H Berwick
1966 P Billings
1965 B Nairn
1964 P Billings
1963 K Donohoe
1962 K Hartley
1961 P Billings &
T Crow
1960 B Devlin
1959 V Bulgin