September 23, 2021

NSW Senior Amateur

NSW Senior Amateur

Tournament Date

20- 22 April 2021


Beginning in 2020, the Men’s & Women’s NSW Senior Amateur Championships will merge.

The Men’s NSW Senior Amateur is open to male amateur golfers aged 55 years and over who hold a current Australian or overseas equivalent handicap.

First held in 1961, the 54-hole championship boasts an honour roll which includes some of NSW and Australia’s finest amateur golfers.

Past Champions include: Harry Hattersley, Bill Banks (five times), Keith Pepper (five times) Tony Gresham (six times) and more recently, players of the calibre of Greg Rhodes, Robert Payne and Lester Peterson.

The Women’s NSW Senior Amateur is an Australian Women’s Senior Ranking Event. It is open to all female amateur golfers aged 55 years and over who hold a current GA or overseas equivalent handicap not greater than 28.4.

The Championship will be held over three  days. The format will be 54 holes strokeplay across eligible age divisions.

Past Champions of the Women’s NSW Senior Include Jacqui Morgan (six), Dierdre Brander (five) and Sylvia Donohoe (seven).

Prior to the 54 hole tournament, the Women’s NSW Senior Foursomes will be conducted over 18 holes

Tournament Info

Tournament Contact

For further info please contact:

Tahnia Ravnjak:

P: (02) 9505 9105
E: [email protected]

Honour Roll: NSW Men's Senior Amateur

2021: Steve Toyne (QLD)
2020: David Bagust (NSW)
2019: John Owen (Vic)
2018: Lester Peterson (NSW)
2017: Robert Payne (NSW)
2016: Stefan Albinski (NSW)
2015: Gregory Rhodes (NSW)
2014: Sam Christie (QLD)
2013: Bill Banks (ACT)
2012: Peter King (QLD)
2011: Peter King (QLD)
2010: B Sams
2009: W Banks
2008: W Banks & T Gresham
2007: W Banks
2006: J Malkus
2005: B Sams
2004: A Gresham
2003: W Banks
2002: J Malkus
2001: A Gresham & B Lloyd
2000: A Gresham
1999: K White
1998: P Billings
1997: A Gresham
1996: A Gresham & D Meredith
1995: F Musgrave
1994: K White
1993: T Wood
1992: T Wood
1991: F Musgrave
1990: T Wood
1989: T Wood
1988: W Beazley
1987: H Whitford
1986: K Pepper & K Hoyt
1985: D Sharp
1984: T Hall
1983: K Pepper & W Beazley
1982: K Pepper
1981: K Pepper
1980: C Rhodes
1979: R Woodbridge
1978: K Pepper & R Sanderson
1977: P Heard
1976: P Heard
1975: J Grant
1974: W Davidge
1973: T Tanner & J Grant
1972: J Grant
1971: W Davidge
1970: J Grant
1969:D Weeks
1968: R Wolff
1967: T Tanner
1966: J Shepherd
1965: J Barkel
1964: H Hattersley
1963: J Barkel
1962: J Johnston
1961: E Page

Honour Roll: NSW Women's Senior

2021: Jacqui Morgan (Monash)
2020: Louise Mullard (Wyong)
2019   Jacqui Morgan (Monash)
2018   Dierdre Brander (Newcastle)
2017   Jacqui Morgan (Monash)
2016   Jacqui Morgan (Monash)
2015   Jacqui Morgan (Monash)
2014    Jacqui Morgan (Monash)
2013    Deirdre Brander (Newcastle)
2012    Sylvia Donohoe (Narooma)
2011    Jacqui Morgan (Monash)
2010    Sylvia Donohoe (Narooma)
2009    Deirdre Brander (Newcastle)
2008    Lynne Townsend (Wollongong)
2007    Deirdre Brander (Newcastle)
2006    Sylvia Donohoe (Bonnie Doon)
2005    Sylvia Donohoe (Bonnie Doon)
2004    Sylvia Donohoe (Bonnie Doon)
2003    Liz Smyth (Federal)
2002    Sylvia Donohoe (Bonnie Doon)
2001    Sylvia Donohoe (Bonnie Doon)
2000    Elizabeth Cavill (Manly)
1999    Deirdre Brander (The Lakes)
1998    Gloria Hickey (Coffs Harbour)
1997    Gloria Hickey (Coffs Harbour)
1996    Elizabeth Cavill (Manly)
1995    Heather Bleeck (The Australian)

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