Social Golf

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Social Golf

Social Golf Clubs across NSW can now provide their members with official Golf Australia (GA) handicap under the Golf NSW Social Golf Program.

The Golf NSW Social Golf Program is aimed at assisting Social Golf Clubs to play at affiliated golf courses, and have the capacity to use Golf Link to process their club competitions as well as maintain their members handicaps

Golf NSW expects this opportunity will encourage more people to the game, increase membership, and improve revenue to affiliated clubs.

Membership of the program is only be available to individuals who are part of a recognised social group, company or other entities which have been sanctioned by Golf NSW.

Individuals wishing to participate in the Social Golf NSW program cannot be a current financial member of a NSW affiliated Golf Club or have held a financial membership with a NSW affiliated Golf Club for a minimum period of two (2) years prior to their application, unless they join the program as a Non-Home Club member.

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