Terms of Competition – Illawarra Open Series

Published: January 6, 2023
Last Update: January 6, 2023

1.1 This competition is open to male amateur golfers who are members of an affiliated Golf NSW Illawarra Region golf club.
1.2 Must have played a minimum of eight (8) Illawarra Open Series rounds.


2.1 The IOS will be calculated based on the events played on the IOS Calendar, which can be found on the Golf NSW Illawarra Region portal – https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/7286566485860855364 

2.2 The IOS will recognise performances for both Gross and Nett scoring.

2.3 Points are awarded for each event based upon the finishing position of each individual in the field of golfers, regardless of whether those players are registered IOS players or not.

2.4 A player’s final IOS points total will comprise all points accrued from his best eight (8) performances in designated events during that calendar year. Once a player plays more than eight designated events, his worst performance (e.g. lowest points total from a designated event) drops off for each additional event he plays. 

2.5 Players finishing tied for a position in an event all receive the points for that position. Except if there is a play off for first then the play-off winner receives 1st place points and the others in the play-off receive 2nd place points. 

2.6 It is the Player’s responsibility to check the points table on the IOS web site and advise Golf NSW Illawarra Region, if he feels there is a discrepancy. 

Place PointsPlace PointsPlace PointsPlace PointsPlace Points
 1 150 85 13 61 19 43 25 26 
125 80 14 58 20 40 26 23 
110 75 15 55 21 38 27 20 
100 10 70 16 52 22 35 28 17 
95 11 67 17 49 23 32 29 14 
90 12 64 18 46 24 29 30 10


3.1 If a tie exists for any prize, the prize will be awarded to the player: 

  1. with the most event wins; and if the tie still exists then
  2. the most second place finishes; 
  3. and so on until the tie is broken.


4.1 Gross Trophies take precedence over Nett Trophies as indicated:

Gross Winner$600
Nett Winner$500
Gross Runner Up$450
Nett Runner Up$400
Gross 3rd Place$350
Nett 3rd Place$300
Total Prize Money$2,600

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