March 31, 2023

State Team Selection Protocol

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Published: October 18, 2022
Last Update: October 19, 2022

Golf NSW State Team Selection Protocol

The following guidelines outline the selection criteria for the NSW and ACT Junior & NSW (Senior) State Team to compete in the Australian Interstate Team matches. 

Each team will comprise five (5) male and five (5) female members.

Essential Criteria

  • Membership of an affiliated NSW Golf Club (or ACT & surrounding golf clubs for ACT Junior Team).
  • Age eligibility for team selection (Junior Teams only): Players must be under 18 as of April 10, 2023.

Selection Process

The NSW Selection Panel, appointed by the Golf NSW Golf Committee, will use several benchmark indicators and tournament results to guide the selection of players for the 2023 Australian interstate teams & Junior Teams matches.

The list of benchmark indicators below is not all-encompassing, nor are they in priority order or weight:

  • World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR).
  • Golf Australia Order of Merit Rankings (GA OOM).
  • Results in Season 2022-23 PGA Tour of Australasia (PGATA)events (NOT TPS Junior events).
  • Inter Club Pennant, NSW Regional Open Series, and the NSW Country Championship.

Selectors may also use performance in the following events as part of the 2023 selection process:

NSW Junior Team – Important events Event   DateACT Junior Team -Important Events Event  Date 
 JNJG International (JNJG) Sep 27-30 2022  JNJG International (JNJG) Sep 27-30 2022 
 Bonville Champions Trophy (JNJG) Nov 29- Dec 2 2022  Brett Ogle Junior Masters (JNJG) Nov 19-20, 2022 
 ACT Week of Golf (JNJG) Jan 3-6, 2023  Bonville Champions Trophy (JNJG) Nov 29- Dec 2 2022 
 Aust. Am (GA) Jan 10-13, 2023  ACT Week of Golf (JNJG) Jan 3-6, 2023 
 Avondale AmateurJan 17-20, 2023  Aust. Am (GA) Jan 10-13, 2023 
 NSW Medal & Amateur (GNSW)Jan 23-29, 2023  Avondale AmateurJan 17-20, 2023 
    NSW Medal & AmateurJan 23-29, 2023 

NSW Team – Important Events

Event  Date 
Port Phillip Open and Vic AmDec 8-13, 2022 
Master of the AmateursJan 3-6, 2023 
Australian AmateurJan 10-13, 2023 
Avondale AmateurJan 17-20, 2023 
NSW Medal and AmateurJan 23-29, 2023 
Concord CupFeb 16-18,2023 

Team Announcement(s)

  • NSW & ACT Junior Teams – named early/mid-February.

    (Athletes selected in the NSW and ACT Junior teams are expected to enter and play in the Australian Junior Championships in the week prior to the Interstate Series).

  • NSW Senior Team – named late February/early March

Selected athletes are expected to be exemplary representatives of Golf NSW and the sport while participating in the Australian Interstate Teams matches.

Athletes will also be required to agree to a representative player agreement, and be bound by the Golf Australia and Golf NSW Code of Conduct 

Information about the events can be found on the following websites:

Golf NSW –
Golf Australia –
PGA of Australia –
Avondale GC –
Concord GC –
Master of the Amateurs –