March 31, 2023

Terms of Competition – KENO Let’s Play Ambrose

Published: January 1, 2021
Last Update: February 13, 2023

The Golf NSW Standard Conditions for State Events and the Golf NSW Code of Conduct apply to this State event. A copy of the Golf NSW General Terms of Competition for State Events and the Golf NSW Code of Conduct are available from the Golf NSW website at


1.      The competition is open to any affiliated golfer with a current Golf Australia handicap, who is a member of a golf club affiliated with Golf NSW, who has attained the age of 18 years by the date of the State Final. 

2.      Competitors will play off their full daily handicap, current on the day of play.  All qualifying stages will be conducted as a two person Ambrose.

Pairs must meet the following restrictions:

  • The Pair must have a minimum combined daily handicap of 8 (eg. if one player’s daily handicap is 4 and the second players daily handicap is 2, they cannot play together because their combined daily handicap is only 6)
  • Each player in the pair must have no more than 20 strokes difference in their daily handicap.  (eg. If the lowest marker’s daily handicap is 5, their partner must play off no more than a daily handicap of 25).

NOTE: If a pair’s daily handicaps are more than 20 strokes different, the higher marker will be limited to a daily handicap 20 strokes above the lower marker’s daily handicap.

  • The pair’s PLAYING handicap on the day will be ¼ of their combined daily handicap.
  • Each player must use at least 6 tee shots during a round.
  • Tee shots used MUST be indicated on the scorecard.

All pairs playing in the qualifying event must pay a $5 entry fee ($2.50 per player) at their Club qualifying event. It will not be optional entry for players in the club qualifying event.

3.      The event is held in 3 categories:

  • two female players (women’s competition),
  • two male players (men’s competition), or
  •   one male player and one female player (mixed competition),

who are members of the same golf club, being the club conducting the Stage 1 event and must remain financial members of that club for the duration of the competition.  It is at the Club’s discretion if they allow players who have a 5 day style category to qualify for this event, on a weekend.  If a player is a member of more than one club, then that player may attempt to qualify at each of those Club qualifying rounds, but once the player has qualified for one Regional / Metropolitan Final they may no longer participate at Club level.

4.      During the Competition, the Local Rules of the host venue clubs shall apply.

5.      The competition will be conducted in three (3) stages;

Stage 1:    Club Qualifying
Each nominating Club is entitled to have a pair in the men’s, women’s and mixed categories progress to Stage 2.

If a club has more than 21+ pairs in any of the men’s, women’s and mixed competitions pay to play, they are entitled to have two (2) pairs progress to Stage 2, in that competition.

Stage 2:     Regional Finals

Regional Final Dates and Venues can be found online

Stage 3:    State Final

State Final at Bonville Golf Resort, Coffs Harbour.

6.      Motorised Transport may be used as follows:

Stage 1: Club – according to the Club’s Conditions in force on the day.

Stage 2:  Regional Finals – carts may be used and are subject to availability at the host venue.

Stage 3: State Final – carts will be used by all competitors.

7.      Any player who was part of the team who won the previous years’ State Final is not eligible to compete at any stage of the competition for a three (3) year period. Any player who played in the previous years’ State Final (not in the winning team) is not eligible to compete at any stage of the competition for the following year only.

8.      After the commencement of the competition no substitutes will be permitted. However, reserve pairs, in order of qualifying, must be nominated on the official results.

9.      The Golf NSW Golf Committee has the authority to re-handicap any player during any stage of the event or to allocate a special competition handicap for any stage of the competition.

10.    In the event of a tie between teams, in the Club or District qualifying rounds, the Golf Australia count back system shall apply.  In the State Final, a Fourball sudden-death play-off will be used to determine the winner, subject to sufficient time being available (at the discretion of the Event Committee).

11.    The Golf NSW Golf Committee shall have the right to alter or make any variations to the Conditions or Program should it deem necessary and have the right to refuse the entry of any person without being required to give a reason for such refusal.


Stage 1 – Club Qualifying

Club Qualifying Rounds

Nominating your club qualifying round to Golf NSW is no longer required.

Club rounds must be scheduled and completed prior to Sunday 3rd September 2023.

Clubs must submit results online to Golf NSW of their qualifying pair(s) and reserves immediately after the event.

Clubs will also need to indicate which Regional Final their qualifying pair(s) intend to compete at.

Payment of entry fees must also be made at this time. This must be done via our website at

Golf NSW will email qualifiers from Stage 1 with details of Regional Final details.

Stage 2 – Regional Finals

There will be no entry fee to play in a Regional Final.

Regional Finals will be managed by Golf NSW, and will be held in country regions in northern, north-western, western, south-western and southern NSW as well as metropolitan Sydney. Dates and venues will be published on the Golf NSW website

The Regional Final draws will be released to participants two weeks prior to each Final.

The winning pair from each category (male, female and mixed) at each of the Regional Finals will qualify for the State Final. If a pair becomes unavailable for the State Final, they may be replaced by the next placed pairing in that category.

Where a qualifying pair withdraws from a Regional Final, the withdrawing pair must notify Golf NSW. Golf NSW will be responsible for contacting the next placed pair to participate in the Regional Final.

Stage 3 – State Finals

  • The State Final will be held at Bonville Golf Resort, in December 2023.
  • Separate competitions will be run for male, female and mixed qualifiers.
  • The Final will be conducted over two (2) rounds of 18-holes. Scoring for each round will be based on ranking for that round such that the net winner of the round will receive 1 point, net second-place will receive 2 points, net third-place will receive 3 points and so on. The winner of the State Final will be the pairing with the lowest points across the two rounds.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place getters in the event. Trophies will also be awarded to the 18-hole winners of each round. However, players may win only one trophy with the Championship taking precedence.
  • The event will be under the control of the Event Committee, which will comprise of nominated members of Golf NSW.

This Committee has the authority to re-handicap any player during the event or to allocate a special competition handicap for any stage of the competition.

  • The cost of the qualifier’s accommodation at Bonville for the 3 nights, as well as the cost of the welcome barbeque on the first night and the presentation dinner on the final night and breakfasts on all three mornings and including the two rounds of golf will be covered by Golf NSW.