Terms of Competition – NSW Women’s Medal

Published: January 1, 2021
Last Update: January 4, 2024
  • Each Club may determine their own Divisions for Golf NSW Medal Rounds played at their Club.  Some Clubs have chosen to do this so they have relatively even numbers in each Division. 

  • Clubs may play their Division 3 Golf NSW Medal Rounds at their Club as stableford rounds, because the higher handicapped players prefer this type of competition and it increases participation.
1. Format:

The Golf NSW Women’s Medal Competition is a competition consisting of 6 Stroke rounds (Division 3 has the option to play Stableford) of 18 holes, played in 3 Divisions. The winner of the Women’s Medal in each Division is the player returning the lowest net aggregate of 3 scores at the end of the 6 rounds. It is not a requirement that players compete in all 6 rounds of the Competition.

STAGE 1 (January – September): Club Medal Rounds – Club Medal Winners Determined.
STAGE 2 District / Metropolitan Finals: for Club Medal Winners, with winner/s of these Finals to progress to a State Final.
STAGE 3 State Final: The winner of each division at the District Finals and the leading 3 players in the Metropolitan Finals, will be eligible to compete in the Golf NSW Medal Competition State Final.


(i) A Club may play more than one round of the Golf NSW Women’s Medal Competition per month.
(ii) If, because of exceptional circumstances, a Club is unable to complete the six stroke rounds prior to Friday 20th September 2024, the Club may reduce the number of rounds.
(iii) Clubs may program their own Club Monthly Women’s Medal or any other event the Clubs sees fit, in conjunction with any or all of the 6 rounds of the Golf NSW Women’s Medal Competition.
(iv) Clubs may program one Midweek and one Weekend Competition in the Golf NSW Women’s Medal Competition. If a Category of Membership, e.g. “Provisional” prohibits a player from playing on the main Course, or in the main Competition field, or if exceptional circumstances prevail, Clubs must seek permission from the Golf NSW Golf Committee to program a separate Women’s Medal Competition for such players.  Such permission must be confirmed annually, before the first Women’s Medal round is played. If a player belongs to two or more Clubs, she may compete at each Club but may only qualify to the next stage to represent one golf club in the Women’s Medal Competition.
(v) The following situation may necessitate the reprogramming of a Golf NSW Medal Round:

  1. The minimum number of players does not satisfy the Clubs regular required number of players to run a competition.
  2. The course is declared ‘unplayable’ either before or during the Medal Round and the competition is declared null and void.

(vi) Divisions for the Golf NSW Women’s Medals at each Club are determined by the player’s GA handicap on the date of the first Golf NSW Medal round at the Club they play and are at the discretion of the Club, who may choose to have divisions that are different from those at the District/Metropolitan and State Final.  A Club may therefore have more than one representative in the same Division at the District/Metropolitan and State Finals.
(vii) Division 3 may be held as a stableford competitions at Club level.
(viii) Increases/Reductions in Handicap: Once a player has played her first round in her relevant division, she shall remain in that division for the duration of the Golf NSW Women’s Medal competition (6 rounds), but play each round using her current handicap. All scores returned, irrespective of handicap changes, shall count for the Golf NSW Women’s Medal Division in which the player commenced.
(ix) Ties: At the  completion of the 6 Golf NSW Women’s Medal Rounds, if the lowest net aggregate of 3 rounds in any Division produces a tie, joint winners will be declared and both players will be entitled to enter the relevant District/Metropolitan Final.

  • Divisions for the Golf NSW Women’s Medal District / Metropolitan and State Finals are determined by the player’s GA handicap on the date of the District / Metropolitan Final round they play and are:

                                Division 1 Women’s Medal – Plus to 20.0;

                                Division 2 Women’s Medal – 20.1 to 29.0;

                                Division 3 Women’s Medal – 29.1 to 54.0.

* Due to Divisions being determined by the Club in Stage 1, Clubs may be represented by more than one player in some divisions or no players in some Divisions at Stages 2 and/or 3.

  • The State Finalist from District and Metropolitan Finals will be the highest placed available player in each Division from their respective Play Off.
  • In all Golf NSW Women’s Medal Finals, players shall compete on their current GA handicap.
  • At the State Final, a player will play off their current GA handicap, but must play off higher than the maximum GA handicap for that Division they qualified from their District or Metropolitan Final.
  • Golf NSW awards Gold, Silver and Bronze Women’s State Finals Medals to all participants in the State Final.
  • The winner of each Division will be presented with the respective State Final Winners Medals.
  • The State Medal Winner (across all Divisions) will recognized as the Overall State Final Winner.
  • Ties: GA Countback method will be used to determine the winners.
2. Eligibility:

(i) Clubs affiliated with Golf NSW are entitled to enter the Golf NSW Women’s Medal Competition.
(ii) Amateur female members of affiliated Golf Clubs who hold a current Australian Handicap.
(iii) A player must remain a financial member of the Club for the duration of the Competition.
(iv) Both the Midweek winners and Weekend winners are eligible to compete in the Finals.
(v) Only the winners (or joint winners) in each Division are entitled to compete in Finals. It is not permissible to substitute a runner-up in the event of the winner being unavailable. Exception: Should a player qualify for the Playoffs at more than one club, the player must represent their home club . If a player was to qualify from both Midweek and Weekend competitions, the lowest aggregate results will be the competition they qualify for the next stage. The club then may nominate the runner up as their representative in the playoffs.  The runner up is the ONLY person permitted to represent the club in the next stage (in this scenario).

3. Administration – Return of Results and Entry Fees:

Entry Fees for the Golf NSW Women’s Medal Competition is $5 per player (GST inclusive). This is for every player that has played in a Medal Competition round at club level. There will be no additional green fees for the District Finals / Metropolitan Final or the State Final.

Upon completion of all six medal rounds, you must complete your Club’s Results entry online at www.golfnsw.org.au . Here you can enter your medal winners to play in the District Final / Metropolitan Final for the opportunity to qualify for the State Final.

Payment of Entry fees – Golf NSW will raise a tax invoice and email it to the person who has entered their club results online. Payment of fees must be made directly to Golf NSW

Clubs must complete their results online and payment prior to Friday 20th September 2024.

A Hard Copy Medal Result Sheets (excel spreadsheet), to assist with recording your club results, has been emailed to the Women’s Club Captain of each golf club affiliated with Golf NSW.