February 25, 2024

Terms of Competition – NSW Medal & NSW Amateur Championship

Grahame Stinson in action
Published: September 9, 2020
Last Update: January 3, 2024

The Terms of Competition – NSW Medal & NSW Amateur Championship, are to be read in conjunction with the Golf NSW Standard Terms of Competition, the Golf NSW Code of Conduct and the Golf NSW Hard Card.

Should a conflict occur between terms, then the terms outlined on the entry form take precedence.

Table of Contents

  1. Championship Procedure
  2. Championship Committee
  3. Rules of Play
  4. Entries
  5. Motorised Transport
  6. Practice
  7. Registration
  8. Pace of Play
  9. Golf NSW Hard Card

1. Championship Procedure

1.1 The Championship will be played in separate stages:

(a) The NSW Medal

Stroke play over two rounds of 18-holes, One round each will be played at Belmont GC and Pacific Dunes GC.

The field shall be divided between Belmont GC and Pacific Dunes GC on each of the first two days with players changing venues for the second round.

In the event of a tie, the winner of the NSW Medal will be determined by sudden death play-off should time permit, otherwise joint winners will be declared.

All other ties shall be determined using the Golf Australia Countback System for deciding prize winners. See 1.1 (b) regarding ties for determining positions in the match play draw.

The NSW Champion of Champions is played in conjunction and is subject to the additional conditions outlined below.

(b) The NSW Amateur Championship

The leading 32 players from the NSW Medal, who have nominated to participate in the NSW Amateur, will be eligible to compete in the NSW Amateur Match Play.

The NSW Amateur will be match play over 18-holes, with the Final being played over 36-holes.

Ties for 32nd positon shall be decided by sudden death play-off. If insufficient time is available for a play-off, such ties will be determined by using the Golf Australia Countback System.

Other ties for positions will be determined by lot.

The match play draw will be a seeded draw. If any match is halved at the completion of 18 holes, players shall continue to play until a player wins a hole, when the match is then considered won.

The winner of the match play stage of the Championship will be declared the 2024 NSW Amateur Champion.

(c) NSW Champion of Champions

Held in conjunction with the NSW Medal. To be eligible to enter a player must be the current Club Champion of a Club which is affiliated with Golf NSW.

Players who enter the Champion of Champions must indicate this and enter their details in the appropriate section of the entry form, otherwise they will not be included in the Champion of Champions event.

In the event of a tie, joint winners will be declared. If all entrants are unable to complete 36-holes on the first two days due to suspension of play, the Champion of Champions will be decided on the completed scores for one round.

2. Championship Committee

2.1 The Championship Committee will comprise the Chair of the Golf NSW Golf Committee, Golf NSW Events Manager or their appointees.
2.2 In the absence of a full Championship Committee, such members that may be present at the time may give a decision, and any decision so given will be deemed to be a decision of the full Championship Committee.

3. Rules of Play

The Rules of Golf, as adopted by R&A Rules Limited, will apply, together with Golf NSW Hard Card, and any additional Local Rules as drawn up by the Championship Committee.

4. Entries

4.1 Handicap: Eligible players are male amateurs whose GA Handicap (or overseas equivalent) does not exceed 5.4 strokes at the time of entry.
4.2 Age: there are no age restrictions in this event.
4.3 Entry Fee: the entry fee applicable for this event is $220 (including GST).
4.4 The maximum field size for the Championship will be 264 players (132 men, 132 women). The Championship Committee reserves the right to increase the number of male or female players should the total field size not be achieved. In the event of entry applications exceeding the number of places available in the Championship, applications from those higher handicap competitors not exempt from a handicap ballot will be decided by a handicap ballot. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed without delay and given the opportunity to compete if withdrawals subsequently occur. Monies received from balloted entrants, who do not subsequently compete, will be refunded in their entirety.
4.5 Exemptions: There are no exemptions for this Championship.
4.6 Acceptance: The decision of the Championship Committee as to acceptance or refusal of any entry will be final.
4.7 Withdrawal: upon withdrawal, as detailed in the Standard Conditions, a $10 administration fee is deducted (the $10 admin charge for entries not made online is also non-refundable)

5. Motorised Transport

See Golf NSW Standard Conditions. Participants must walk at all times during a stipulated round unless permission has been granted by the Committee. Applications for permission MUST be made at the time of entry. Golf NSW takes no responsibility for the availability of golf carts.

6. Practice

Practice rounds prior to the Championship are at the discretion of the host club. Permission must be sought from the host club’s Professional Shop for play.

7. Registration

Competitors MUST register 30 mins before their starting time on each day of play.

8. Pace of Play

Rule 5-6 will be strictly enforced. See the Golf NSW Hard Card for Pace of Play conditions.

9. Golf NSW Hard Card

The Golf NSW Hard Card will be in effect throughout this event.

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