September 30, 2023

Terms of Competition – Men’s NSW Country Championships

Published: September 8, 2020
Last Update: August 9, 2023

The Terms of Competition – NSW Country Championship, are to be read in conjunction with the General Terms of Competition for Golf NSW State Events, the Golf NSW Code of Conduct and the Golf NSW Hard Card.

Should a conflict occur between conditions, then the conditions outlined on the entry form take precedence.

Table of Contents

  1. Championship Procedure
  2. Championship Committee
  3. Rules of Play
  4. Entries
  5. Motorised Transport
  6. Caddies
  7. Practice
  8. Registration
  9. Pace of Play
  10. Prizes
  11. Golf NSW Hard Card

1. Championship Procedure

1.1 The Championship will be stroke play over 36- holes at South West Rocks Golf Club over two days. Day 1 – 18 holes shotgun start p.m., Day 2 – 18 holes shotgun start a.m. (seeded draw). Players are required to play both days.
1.2 The Men’s NSW Country Inter-District Championship Teams Event will be played concurrently with the Men’s NSW Country Championship. Teams consisting of six male amateur players may be nominated and may be seniors or juniors. All players participating in the Teams Championship must be eligible to participate in the Men’s NSW Country Championship. For each round of the Championship, the BEST FOUR scratch scores from each team member shall count towards the team score. The team with the lowest score from both rounds of the Championship will be the Teams Champions.
1.3 TIES: In the event of a tie for the Country Championship, a sudden death play-off will determine the winner, unless the Championship Committee determine there is insufficient time available. All other ties will be determined using the Golf Australia countback system.
1.4 Scratch and nett trophies will be awarded, with a limit of one trophy per person (awarded in order of value).

2. Championship Committee

2.1 The Championship Committee will comprise the Chair of the Golf NSW Golf Committee and Golf NSW Events Manager, or their appointees.
2.2 In the absence of a full Championship Committee, such members that may be present at the time may give a decision, and any decision so given will be deemed to be a decision of the full Championship Committee.

3. Rules of Play

The Rules of Golf, as adopted by R&A Rules Limited, will apply, together with Golf NSW Hard Card (see condition 15), and any additional Local Rules as drawn up by the Championship Committee.

4. Entries

4.1 Handicap: Eligible players are male amateurs who:
(a) hold a current Australian, or overseas equivalent handicap that does not exceed the GA handicap limit of 9.4 at the time of entry; and
(b) are Members of a Country Golf Club affiliated with Golf NSW; and
(c) are a bona fide ACT or NSW resident outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area (defined as the County of Cumberland) (see exception).
Exception: An entrant who resides within 50kms of a NSW state border who meets the other membership criteria in the Conditions may be eligible subject to the approval of the Championship Committee provided he is also a member of a District Team competing in the Inter-District Teams competition.
4.2 Age: there are no age restrictions in this event.
4.3 Entry Fee: the entry fee applicable for this event is $100 (including GST).
4.4 Ballot: In the event of entry applications exceeding the number of places available in the Championship (120), applications from those higher handicap competitors not exempt from a handicap ballot as detailed in Condition 4.6 will be decided by a handicap ballot. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed without delay and given the opportunity to compete if withdrawals subsequently occur. Monies received from balloted entrants, who do not subsequently compete, will be refunded in entirety.
4.5 Membership/Handicap Suspension: Any player who has his golf playing membership or handicap at the date of the Contest suspended by Golf Australia, Golf NSW, any Club who is a member of Golf NSW / Golf Australia, or a District Golf Association, is not eligible to participate
4.6 Exemptions: Players who are entered in a District Team are exempt from a handicap ballot, if required.

5. Motorised Transport

Refer to the Golf NSW Hardcard. Participants must walk at all times during a stipulated round unless permission has been granted by the Committee. Applications for permission MUST be made at the time of entry. Golf NSW takes no responsibility for the availability of golf carts and all bookings must be made through the pro shop.

6. Practice

Practice rounds prior to the Championship are at the discretion of the host club. Permission must be sought from the host club’s Professional Shop for play.

7. Registration

Competitors are encouraged to register 30 mins before their starting time on each day of play.

8. Pace of Play

Rule 5.6 will be strictly enforced. See the Golf NSW Hard Card for Pace of Play terms.

9. Prizes

Players may only win one prize. If a player wins more than one prize, the prize of the highest value will be awarded to the player. If the prizes are of equal value, the scratch prize will take precedent over the nett prize

10. Golf NSW Hard Card

The Golf NSW Hard Card will be in effect throughout this event.

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