Digital Scorecard Policy

Published: February 8, 2024
Last Update: February 8, 2024

A vast number of Golf NSW tournaments utilise the digital scorecard in the Golf Genius system for official scoring.

This policy is to outline the correct process for submitting and certifying scores for a round.

The process to follow for submission is outlined below.

  1. Players will need the Golf Genius App downloaded on their mobile device.
  2. Golf NSW will provide a player with a GGID (a unique scoring code), which is used to log into the Golf Genius App.
  3. Players are required to enter scores after each hole. If players are not entering scores in a timely manner, Golf NSW staff may request that scoring is updated more frequently.
  4. At the end of the round, a player must return to the Golf NSW scoring area to certify their scores. If a player fails to return to the Golf NSW scoring area, they must have their score certified as a player and have their marker certify their score via the above certification tick box in the Golf Genius App. If this doesn’t occur, a player will be deemed to have not certified their score and will be disqualified under Rule 3.3b(2).
    (NOTE: In the case of shotgun starts, the Tournament Committee may identify different arrangements for scoring and will notify players prior to the tournament.)
  5. Once scores for all holes are entered, a player will be prompted to the summary page of scores (see below for an example).
    Digital Scorecard Pic1
  6. Players are asked to review their scores and the player they have marked thoroughly to ensure no errors.
  7. If there is a discrepancy between the score the player and their marker has entered, that score will be highlighted yellow (see below for an example).
    Digital Scorecard Pic2
  8. To correct the score, a player/marker must correct the score and refresh the page until the yellow highlight is gone. If a player is unable to correct the score on the summary page, they will need to toggle back to the hole that the error occurred on and correct the score and save. The player should then return to the summary page to ensure scores have updated.
  9. Once a player has confirmed that the scores are correct for the player and marker, they may then certify as player and marker (see below for an example).
    Digital Scorecard Pic3
  10. Once certification has occurred, if you wish to change any scores, please ask Golf NSW Staff at scoring for assistance.
  11. The location of the Golf NSW scoring area will be detailed at each tournament. A player’s scores are returned when the player leaves the Golf NSW scoring area with both feet. Score recorders are part of the Committee.
  12. Golf NSW staff and score recorders will make every endeavour to check scores with all players to ensure accuracy but the responsibility of accurate scoring rests with the player.
  13. If an incorrect score is recorded, the score that will be recorded for a player is that recorded by their marker.
  14. For incorrect scores, Rule 3.3b is applicable, particularly subsection (3):
    • Wrong Score for a Hole: If the player returns a scorecard with a wrong score for any hole:
      • Returned Score Higher Than Actual Score: The higher returned score for the hole stands.
      • Returned Score Lower Than Actual Score or No Score Returned: The player is disqualified.
  15. Score recorders will make every endeavour to prevent a player from returning an incorrect score but the responsibility rests with the player.
  16. If an incorrect score has been submitted, a member of the Championship Committee will contact the player as soon as possible.

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