Terms of Competition – NSW Vardon Trophy

Published: May 13, 2020
Last Update: February 9, 2024

The Golf NSW Vardon Trophy is open to amateur male golfers, who are members of an affiliated Sydney metropolitan club, or a club affiliated with a NSW DGA.


  1. This competition is open to male amateur golfers who are members of golf club affiliated with Golf NSW. 
  1. Their GA handicap must be 4.4 and under. 
  1. Must have played a minimum of 15 Vardon Trophy rounds. 


  1. A player’s average will be calculated based on the events played on the Vardon Trophy Calendar which can be found on the Golf NSW website – https://www.golfnsw.org.au/nsw-vardon/ 
  1. Players must have played in a minimum 15 Vardon Trophy rounds for their average to be considered for the year end award. 
  1. Scores will be calculated based on the scratch rating of the golf course, and then based on the PCC for the day will be converted to a par 72 for purposes of the average (eg – a score of 75 that is recorded at a course with a scratch rating of 74 and a PCC of 0, will have an adjusted gross score of 73 recorded for their scoring average. 
  1. If a player has entered for an event and fails to return his card, they will be recorded as having 16 strokes above the scratch rating (based on PCC) for the round. 
  1. The Vardon Trophy competition will run from 1 January 2024 until 31 December 2024. 
  1. The winner of the Vardon Trophy will be the player with the lowest scoring average. 


For an event to be recognised by Golf NSW as a Vardon Trophy Event. 

  1. The GA handicap limit is recommended to not be set at less than 4.4 
  1. Must attract a field that consists of 40 or more players (20 players in country areas) on 4.4 or less, of which 16 players should be off 2.4 or less (8 players in country areas) 
  1. Should a ballot be required, it should be based on balloting the highest handicap 
  1. Teeing up will prohibit the event being recognised as a Vardon Trophy event 
  1. Play should be from the Championship or Medal tees 
  1. Motorised Carts are permitted to be used unless there are overriding conditions by the host club. 


  1. The Entry Form should be available at least 6 weeks prior to the event and emailed to jack.kessell@golfnsw.org.au  to be included on the Golf NSW website. 
  1. The Draw should be published on your club’s website at least 5 days prior to the event and emailed to players 
  1. Entry fee component is recommended to be between $25 and $50 depending on the course. Additional fee may be appropriate if lunch is provided 
  1. Prizes are recommended to be awarded for Scratch winner, runner up, third and Nett winner (depending on how the club’s committee want to distribute prizes to the field) 
  1. Prizes vouchers for retail stores rather than proshop, as players come from country and interstate. 

It is essential that the following statement be added to the entry form: 

Database of Entrant’s Details 

The personal data contained in an entry is permanently retained by Golf NSW. This data may be utilised by Golf NSW or its sponsors for the distribution of correspondence, in both electronic and hard copy means. From time to time players may be sent Entry Forms, event literature, the Golf NSW e-newsletter, or marketing material by the sponsor(s) of Golf NSW events, or information about events conducted by Golf NSW-approved bodies. Upon receipt by Golf NSW of a written request, a player may either have access to their details, or have their details deleted from the database.