June 20, 2021

Rules of Golf – 2019

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Download - The New Rules of Golf

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The New Rules of Golf

For the past five years the sport’s governing bodies have been working on a makeover of the Rules of Golf, and from January 1st, 2019, the results of the first fundamental review in 34 years came into effect.

The changes to the Rules were comprehensive, and affect many areas of the game.

The information and resources you may need to support your transition to the new Rules (whether you are a golfer, an administrator, or both) are available here:

Education & Resources – 2019 Rules of Golf.

Online versions of the New Rules of Golf are available as FREE downloads from the Apple IOS and Google Android Store.



In 2019, Golf NSW will schedule three Level 2 Rules Seminars, targeted initially at Match Committee members and Club officials. In 2020, the opportunity to attend will be extended to all golfers.

Each Club will be invited to send up to 3 people to the Level 2 seminars, at no cost to the Club. Clubs will be able to send additional attendees, if capacity allows,  but a fee (yet to be determined) will apply.

Clubs are encouraged to make all their members aware of the Level 1 Rules Academy that is available on the R&A website at https://www.randa.org/en/rulesacademy. Here, individuals can register and complete the Level 1 training online and at their own pace, and if they choose, may complete an exam. If members take the exam, and pass, they will receive and official R&A certificate.