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Amateur Golf Links

Golf NSW aims to deliver two to three Level 2 Rules Seminars annually.

These seminars are targeted towards Match Committee members and club officials. while other interested golfers may also be invited.

A schedule of planned Level 2 seminars will be sent to all club captains. Invitations to selected others who have successfully completed the Level 1 program will also be sent.

As a prerequisite, those wishing to undertake the Level 2 seminars will be required to have complete the R&A Level 1 Rules Academy which is available on the R&A website at:

Individuals can register and complete the Level 1 training online, and at their own pace. If they choose, they may complete an exam.

If participants take the exam and pass, they will receive an official R&A certificate.

Clubs are encouraged to make all members aware of this important rules education service.

Clubs should also consider making this a requirement for anyone representing the club in pennant play.