DOB: 14 August 2005
Home Club: Pymble/Toronto
Coach: Jye Forrester & Nathan Green
Member: NSW Boys Team
Riley, Jake


DOB: 14 August 2005
Home Club: Pymble/Toronto
Coach: Jye Forrester & Nathan Green
Member: NSW Boys Team

When did you commence golf?
Around the age of four or five

How did you become involved?
My dad would take me out of preschool on Fridays and I tagged along with him and his mates.

What is your favourite sport other than golf?

Being on the lake fishing and wakeboarding

Favourite Music/Song?
Rap music

Favourite Movie?
Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. I love that.

Best experience in golf?
Playing the 2019 NSW Open as a 14-year-old

Who has been the biggest influence on your golf career to date and why?
My Dad, he got me into the game and he gives me the opportunity to play in all the tournaments

Who would you like to meet (dead or alive)?
Kobe Bryant – pick his brain on how he become so good and became the best.

What was the hardest thing to get past to achieve your golfing status?
Keep practising and keep motivated when they aren’t going your way.

What advice can you give to young golfers interested in doing what you do?
Enjoy it, don’t take it too seriously, don’t make it too technical just have fun.

Career low round:
six under twice – once at Toronto and Adelaide Shores

Favourite sporting team:
Chelsea FC

Favourite food:
Classic Schnitty and chips

Your most inspiring sportsperson or individual and why?
Tiger woods, his work ethic and the hurdles he has overcome to be the best.

What would you serve for the Champions dinner if you won the Masters?
Simple garlic bread, Chicken Parmigiana and a caramel fudge and ice cream.

Who would be your ideal dinner partner and why?
Tiger woods- to talk to him about his game & pick his mind.

What is your most important golfing superstition?
If I have a good round, I’ll use the same ball marker and divot fixer.

Past Results

Concord Cup – Champion
NSW Medal – 3rd place

Jack Newton Jnr International – runner up
WE Alexander – Waratah GC
TPS Sydney – Junior Champion

Australian Junior – 4th
Peter O’Malley Jnr Masters – 1st
Making NSW Junior Team

Newcastle District Championship – 1st
NSW Junior Championship – 5th

Qualified for NSW Open
Toronto Club Champion
Newcastle District Championship – 1st


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