April 16, 2024

Coby Carruthers

Date of Birth: 30 January 2005
Home Club: Concord Golf Club
Coach: Allen Dowd
Member: 2024 NSW State Team

Carruthers Coby

Coby Carruthers

Date of Birth: 30 January 2005
Home Club: Concord Golf Club
Coach: Allen Dowd
Member: 2024 NSW State Team

Career low round:
63 (-9) at Dunheved Golf Club

Club memberships:
Dunheved Golf Club & Concord Golf Club

Favourite sporting team:
Newcastle Knights

Favourite player:
Rory McIlroy

Favourite food:
Chicken Parmigiana

Most memorable golfing moment:
Winning the 2022 NSW Junior Championship, and finally getting to represent NSW.

Your most inspiring sportsperson or individual and why:
Rory McIlroy, because I like how loyal he is to the PGA Tour and how he has changed the game with his consistency. Being at the top of world rankings for such a long time is something I can only dream of.

What would you serve for the Champions Dinner if you won the Masters?
Entrée – spring rolls, arancini balls, mini pizza
Main – chicken parmigiana with wings
Dessert – four choc chip cookies, rainbow ice cream scoop and a strawberry milkshake

Who would be your ideal dinner partner and why?
The Brooklyn 99 crew. It’s been my comfort show growing up the past few years, I know pretty much everything about the show would be pretty cool to have dinner with the gang.

What do you like to do when you are not playing golf?
Watch golf Youtube or Watch Brooklyn 99.

What is your biggest golfing superstition?
Can’t walk through the tee boxes with a buggy or bad karma will follow. And I enjoy wearing a shirt that stands out in the final round.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date and why?
My dad got me into the game and started my love for golf when I was 11mentoring me until 16. I met my coach, Allen, in August 2021 and he completley changed my mindset on the game of golf and how hard it is going to be a successful professional. Practising and learning from him has been so beneficial to my career. Allen has treated me like a younger brother and has helped me financially, mentally and with my home life. I wouldn’t have progressed so far in the past few years if it weren’t for him.

Past Results

NSW Amateur – Quarter Finalist
NSW Cup – 4th
Concord Cup – 5th

Dunheved Club Champion
Concord Club Championship – Runner Up
Concord Cup – 8th
Adidas 6s  The Lakes – 5th
Adidas 6s  Newcastle  – 9th
Adidas 6s  Rosebud – 10th
Adidas 6s Lynwood – 4th

NSW Junior Championship – 1st
Leonay Club Champion
Concord Club Championship: Runner up
Dunheved Club Championship: Runner up

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