February 25, 2024

Play 9

Play 9
Play 9

Nine-hole golf is fast, fun and fits into busy lives – whether it’s early in the morning, after work, on the weekends or even while on holidays.

Run for the first time in 2017, Play 9 is an initiative to promote the value of nine-hole golf as a real alternative to the traditional 18-hole form of the game.

Nine-hole golf has an important role to play in increasing participation in our great game. An added advantage is that scores returned in nine-hole competitions can be used for handicapping purposes so it’s a great way to keep your skills sharp and your handicap up-to-date.

Golf Australia will again stage a celebration of nine-hole golf during the 2021 Men’s Australian Open.

Four players from NSW/ACT will have the chance to join representatives from other states and territories to play in a nine-hole event on the Saturday evening of the Open.



 Clubs are encouraged to run multiple nine-hole competitions during the qualification period (closes October 2021). 

All eligible nine-hole competitions must have their scores processed into Golf Link. There is no need to register your Club for the program – Golf NSW will access Golf Link data to draw the winners.

At the end of October, Clubs that ran nine-hole competitions during the specified period will be placed into a draw. 

One regional club and one metropolitan club will be drawn at random. Once the two Clubs have been drawn, two players from each Club will be drawn at random – everyone who played in a nine hole competition has a chance to win, not just those who played well on a particular day.

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For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Golf NSW on (02) 9505 9105

or email Mark Ingrey at: mark.ingrey@golfnsw.org.au

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