Ready to gain some strength and Speed this Lockdown?

COVID may be having a bite, but there’s no reason golfers should be sitting back and not doing something to improve their game during this latest lockdown. So to encourage everyone, Golf NSW and our High-Performance Partners, Precision Athletica, are offering golfers an online, six-week Strength and Speed Program.

What would you say if we told you that you could increase your Golf Clubhead Speed by 5% in the next 6 weeks and all from home?

That’s the average gain seen by users of the Precision Athletica online Golf Strength & Speed Training Program and it’s the challenge that our Golf NSW High Performance players are taking on whilst we’re in lockdown.

Even more meaningful is that an extra 5% Clubhead speed could mean in the region of an extra 20 yards off the tee…game changing!

How does it work?

Once registered to the program, golfers are assigned to one of the Precision Athletica Golf Performance Trainers who gets in touch to schedule a quick setup call.

From there the trainer provides access to their online program which includes:

  • 3 Weekly Golf Strength Sessions
  • 3 Weekly Golf Speed Sessions
  • 2 Weekly Golf Mobility Sessions

Everything is designed to be done from home and suitable for all ages, fitness levels and golfing abilities, they even account for whether you have access to gym style equipment or not.

Sounds game changing right.

What’s even better is that in response to the Sydney lockdown and stay at home orders, Precision Athletica are not just making this whole online six-week program available for its lowest ever price, they are also providing Golf NSW readers with a further 10% discount just by using the code: GOLFNSW10.

This fantastic offer applies to you no matter where you live.

The Golf NSW High Performance squad is taking the challenge – why don’t you!

To find out more about this online training program and to register, please visit the Precision Athletica Golf Strength and Speed Training Program page.