April 17, 2024

Magic Milestone for Duntryleague Legend

The concept of winning just one club championship would be a sporting goal for many, but to take out 14 would be a magic milestone for all of us.

Wayne, (Carpo) Carpenter, one of Duntryleague Golf Club‘s favourite sons, has not only achieved the milestone, but has also managed to spread them out over an impressive five decades.

Renowned as one of the premier golf clubs in regional Australia, Duntryleague in Orange, NSW has been home to a host of National and International class champion players such as Brian Barnes, Darry Hyland, Roger Day, Lucas Parsons, Robert Payne, and Steve Conran.

Wayne had his first win in 1974 as a junior aged just 17, and would go on to win four more times in the ‘70s. Two wins in the 80s , three in the ‘90s, and three more in the early 2000’s, saw Carpo sitting on the unlucky 13 for the last dozen or so years.

Finally, after a 14 year drought, he is in the winners circle again. The victory equalling another club Stalwart, Robert Payne’s record of 14 but Carpenter has spread them out over five decades

“This is a pretty incredible feat considering the strength of the field; It was a very special day indeed.”

“The way Wayne plays the game, you wouldn’t bet against him winning another to become the most capped champion in the club’s history.

“And not a grey hair in sight,” Duntryleague Club director Peter Campbell, smiled.

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