Steph wows them at Studio 10

Mitsie Kent
October 16, 2018

With Golf Month in full-swing across Australia, NSW Representative Stephanie Kyriacou has taken some time away from her HSC studies to join Studio 10 host and Golf Australia Board Member Kerri-Anne Kennerly, entertainer Johnny Ruffo and Denise Scott to talk all things golf on the national network’s morning chat show.

In the light-hearted segment, viewers got to hear all about the benefits the sport delivers, and how, despite many folks’ pre-conceived ideas, how easy it is to get out and enjoy the game.

Ruffo, who has been playing for over 16 years, explained to Kerry-Ann how he fell in love with the game through the influence of his brother, while Kyriacou told Kennerly her first experience in the sport was when her father bought her a set of toy clubs when she was just seven years old from Toys R Us.

An impromptu putting competition followed, with the three ‘experts’, Kennerley, Ruffo, and Kyriacou close but not quite good enough to sink the testing 3-metre putt.

It was the novice of the group, Denise Scott who grabbed bragging rights for the day when her second attempt was gingerly coaxed into the hole for the winning putt. 

 Click HERE to watch the segment

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