February 29, 2024

2023 Hole in One Achievers

St Halletts Hole in one page

Congratulations from St Hallett Wines and Golf NSW to all those lucky enough to achieve a hole-in-one during 2023.

Christian BennettWoolooware Golf Club1616/12/2023
Jon StillForster Tuncurry Golf Club142/8/2026
Blake MatherNorthbridge Golf Club1531/12/2023
Les EdwardsEasts Leisure & Golf330/12/2023
James KikerShortland Waters Golf Club229/12/2023
Anthony GalloLynwood Country Club1726/12/2023
Martyn BlackAsquith Golf Club624/12/2023
David HamiltonTamworth Golf Club924/12/2023
Andrew PrestonWagga Wagga Country Club220/12/2023
John BrayneWagga Wagga Country Club1020/12/2023
Bernadine PennyNorthbridge Golf Club1517/12/2023
Brendan WhiteWyong Golf Club417/12/2023
Jack ParkerWyong Golf Club1517/12/2023
Leslie OliverShortland Waters Golf Club416/12/2023
Craig GoodwinRussell Vale Golf Club814/12/2023
Shannon BernasconiNorthbridge Golf Club1712/12/2023
Ray StephensKogarah Golf Club106/12/2023
Teh-Fa HsuKogarah Golf Club123/12/2023
Ben GriefRussell Vale Golf Club132/12/2023
Graham CarterWoolooware Golf Club162/12/2023
Lynette BagsterTamworth Golf Club32/12/2023
Gil NorrieEasts Leisure & Golf1730/11/2023
Allyson FisherRussell Vale Golf Club1230/11/2023
Steve LoughnanWyong Golf Club1729/11/2023
Angela GerlachWagga Wagga Country Club1823/11/2023
Jann HughesNorthbridge Golf Club622/11/2023
Nigel PullinTanilba Bay Golf Club1122/11/2023
Aaron CarruthersWagga Wagga Country Club1418/11/2023
Peter StephensNorthbridge Golf Club1516/11/2023
Rod FletcherNarooma Golf Club1716/11/2023
Ian SleighLynwood Country Club8A15/11/2023
Kathleen KimAsquith Golf Club1414/11/2023
Peter BloomfieldEasts Leisure & Golf1314/11/2023
Bruce HardingTuross Head Golf Club412/11/2023
Adrian O'ConnorWoolooware Golf Club1012/11/2023
Russ AmattoRussell Vale Golf Club1511/11/2023
Paul FairallRussell Vale Golf Club1711/11/2023
Simon HayesForster Tuncurry Golf Club1611/11/2023
Ryan EdwardsShortland Waters Golf Club1711/11/2023
Dean RutledgeForster Tuncurry Golf Club410/11/2023
Wayne CleaverNelson Bay Golf Club118/11/2023
Paul FletcherKogarah Golf Club138/11/2023
Tony CorrKogarah Golf Club108/11/2023
Shaun MarshallBonville Golf Resort84/11/2023
May ElyardRussell Vale Golf Club102/11/2023
David PhillipsWoolooware Golf Club41/11/2023
John HollisBlackheath Golf Club21/11/2023
Ron BaldockTanilba Bay Golf Club41/11/2023
Chris LedinghamNelson Bay Golf Club1431/10/2023
Kim SmitWoolooware Golf Club431/10/2023
Paul HutchinsonEden Sports and Recreation1026/10/2023
Murray SharpForster Tuncurry Golf Club625/10/2023
Julie McCallumBelmont Golf Club1324/10/2023
James HockingNorthbridge Golf Club1724/10/2023
Scott DriverLynwood Country Club922/10/2023
Lance ParkerOatlands Golf Club1818/10/2023
Laura WalkerEden Sports and Recreation918/10/2023
Gengiang LiangForster Tuncurry Golf Club917/10/2023
Jeffrey MyersBonville Golf Resort815/10/2023
Adrian AdamKogarah Golf Club1215/10/2023
Andrew ColinsOatlands Golf Club515/10/2023
Pauline BecktonNorthbridge Golf Club1514/10/2023
Luke BradshawOatlands Golf Club914/10/2023
Anthony CorbittBermagui Country Club1112/10/2023
Todd JohnsonRussell Vale Golf Club712/10/2023
Robert GillespieRussell Vale Golf Club1512/10/2023
Bronwyn RiseborughBelmont Golf club1310/10/2023
Dianne PattonStonecutters Ridge68/10/2023
Mick WindEasts Leisure & Golf177/10/2023
Dave AlexanderNarooma Golf Club147/10/2023
Paul (PK) KennedyNelson Bay Golf Club84/10/2023
Helen KirkBelmont Golf club162/10/2023
Steve McManusWoolooware Golf Club32/10/2023
Simon WatkinNorthbridge Golf Club151/10/2023
Lexi GriceOatlands Golf Club181/10/2023
Alan MartinNorthbridge Golf Club1730/9/2023
Evan GordonOatlands Golf Club1830/9/2023
Andrew GosbyWoolooware Golf Club1029/9/2023
Marek TeplyOatlands Golf Club527/9/2023
Julie LockyerTamworth Golf Club926/9/2023
Matthew PosseltWagga Wagga Country Club723/9/2023
Brian HearneWyong Golf Club1520/9/2023
John LattaCallala Country Golf Club1119/9/2023
Stephen O'KeefeBonville Golf Resort218/9/2023
Chris JohnsonWyong Golf Club416/9/2023
David McComasWyong Golf Club416/9/2023
Ian MullanOatlands Golf Club916/9/2023
Grace ParkAsquith Golf Club1414/9/2023
Alan RossOatlands Golf Club913/9/2023
Daniel WaddingtonBonville Golf Resort1711/9/2023
Ben VeitchGloucester Country Club69/9/2023
Steve MacDonaldGloucester Country Club69/9/2023
Steve WyattNarooma Golf Club149/9/2023
Eden MiddletonWyong Golf Club48/9/2023
Michael PowellLynwood Country Club146/9/2023
Greg WattonWyong Golf Club153/9/2023
Jim WadeTuross Head Golf Club62/9/2023
Greg O'GradyWoolooware Golf Club42/9/2023
Darren PeetersForster Tuncurry Golf Club42/9/2023
Aaron BellWagga Wagga Country Club1031/8/2023
Pam MiddlebrookJamberoo Golf Club1129/8/2023
Frederick KohLynwood Country Club1727/8/2023
Michael PearceRussell Vale Golf Club726/8/2023
Mark McDonaldBelmont Golf club1623/8/2023
Aubrey LeeAsquith Golf Club1220/8/2023
Mia ParedesAsquith Golf Club620/8/2023
Osang WonAsquith Golf Club1220/8/2023
Christopher HewittNarooma Golf Club317/8/2023
Duncan ButlerTamworth Golf Club316/8/2023
Phil DukeWoolooware Golf Club313/8/2023
Matt MaroneyEasts Leisure & Golf1312/8/2023
Anthony ThurechtLynwood Country Club98/8/2023
Deidre SullivanWyong Golf Club133/8/2023
Julianne JonesWagga Wagga Country Club183/8/2023
John BesantEasts Leisure & Golf173/8/2023
Rodney GrayMerewether Golf Club163/8/2023
Andy SongStonecutters Ridge63/8/2023
Rob TobyBelmont Golf club132/8/2023
Scott JacksonBonville Golf Resort51/8/2023
Adrian AdamKogarah Golf Club831/7/2023
Kevin PallierRussell Vale Golf Club129/7/2023
Roy CrichtonGloucester Country Club1525/7/2023
Brian TomlinsNelson Bay Golf Club822/7/2023
Roy BoscoEasts Leisure & Golf1122/7/2023
David WaltersRussell Vale Golf Club721/7/2023
Patricia HoneysettBlackheath Golf Club1721/7/2023
Nigel WatlerRussell Vale Golf Club320/7/2023
Michele MedelisBermagui Country Club1519/7/2023
Joseph YounanNorthbridge Golf Club1618/7/2023
Peter CollinsMoruya Golf Club618/7/2023
Paul KhamluAsquith Golf Club1716/7/2023
Shane MuirEasts Leisure & Golf1315/7/2023
Daniel NashTamworth Golf Club315/7/2023
Philip RichardsTanilba Bay Golf Club412/7/2023
Mick ReaganNelson Bay Golf Club1412/7/2023
David MalericKogarah Golf Club89/7/2023
Dennis JamesForster Tuncurry Golf Club148/7/2023
Peter BrownNorthbridge Golf Club18/7/2023
Grant RodgersBelmont Golf Club168/7/2023
Andrew DemeryKogarah Golf Club101/7/2023
Lawrence LiewOatlands Golf Club91/7/2023
Philip BlantBelmont Golf club161/7/2023
Dudley HerbertNelson Bay Golf Club528/6/2023
Nathan EdwardsWyong Golf Club1324/6/2023
Matthew O'RourkeJamberoo Golf Club1324/6/2023
John HarrisNorthbridge Golf Club1722/6/2023
Grant HarrisonBelmont Golf club521/6/2023
Steave HamAsquith Golf Club617/6/2023
Bill VerhaegheForster Tuncurry Golf Club1417/6/2023
Alec YeomanAsquith Golf Club914/6/2023
Colin RossKogarah Golf Club1314/6/2023
Harry NgKogarah Golf Club814/6/2023
Sonia GolebiewskiStonecutters Ridge613/6/2023
Matthew StiegerWagga Wagga Country Club1412/6/2023
Charles TregonningKogarah Golf Club1310/6/2023
Jim O'KeeffeBlackheath Golf Club1310/6/2023
David HoggShortland Waters Golf Club29/6/2023
Luke PowellWagga Wagga Country Club23/6/2023
Richard LockWoolooware Golf Club103/6/2023
Steve SmithWoolooware Golf Club163/6/2023
Ross DelaneyBlackheath Golf Club133/6/2023
Sammy JohnstonBonville Golf Resort22/6/2023
Dennis PerrinRussell Vale Golf Club11/6/2023
James RobertsonAsquith Golf Club1431/5/2023
Megan CallaghanMerewether Golf Club1330/5/2023
Michael GlanvilleWagga Wagga Country Club1829/5/2023
Peter TattonForster Tuncurry Golf Club428/5/2023
Michael CarrBermagui Country Club627/5/2023
Beverley LewisNorthbridge Golf Club327/5/2023
Tricia ShanahanAsquith Golf Club1425/5/2023
Paula CotteeBonville Golf Resort825/5/2023
John CondonForster Tuncurry Golf Club624/5/2023
Anna AllsoppWagga Wagga Country Club1423/5/2023
Warwick AlderNorthbridge Golf Club123/5/2023
David RileyGloucester Country Club623/5/2023
Jenny DohertyOatlands Golf Club522/5/2023
Peng ChuAsquith Golf Club621/5/2023
Lachlan FranceForster Tuncurry Golf Club1121/5/2023
Bernadine PennyNorthbridge Golf Club1520/5/2023
Nicolaas (NJ) Van der WaltBermagui Country Club1520/5/2023
Gary PillingStonecutters Ridge1718/5/2023
Rod PoidevinJamberoo Golf Club1313/5/2023
Peter RixNorthbridge Golf Club1611/5/2023
Kevin EatherStonecutters Ridge1111/5/2023
Ben AramayoRussell Vale Golf Club109/5/2023
Robyn MasonKogarah Golf Club84/5/2023
Michael ColoeTuross Head Golf Club44/5/2023
Daniel PiconeKogarah Golf Club123/5/2023
Kevin HitchenNelson Bay Golf Club829/4/2023
Ken ChildWagga Wagga Country Club728/4/2023
Ian MillerNarooma Golf Club1427/4/2023
Tony HansonWagga Wagga Country Club226/4/2023
Ronald CarneyTamworth Golf Club922/4/2023
Ray ChalkMoruya Golf Club520/4/2023
Peter TattonForster Tuncurry Golf Club619/4/2023
Lachlan WalkerNorthbridge Golf Club1516/4/2023
Wendy ConkeyWagga Wagga Country Club1415/4/2023
Stephen SmithEasts Leisure & Golf513/4/2023
Darryl HookerRussell Vale Golf Club1113/4/2023
John WintersKogarah Golf Club612/4/2023
Rod McNeillForster Tuncurry Golf Club1412/4/2023
Wayne GriefRussell Vale Golf Club78/4/2023
Kim CollinghamBermagui Country Club115/4/2023
Michael LynchMoruya Golf Club51/4/2023
Ben McGiffinAsquith Golf Club121/4/2023
Keith WoodleyNelson Bay Golf Club1131/3/2023
Piers CodingNorthbridge Golf Club1730/3/2023
Mark HaywoodAsquith Golf Club1429/3/2023
Alvin RayJamberoo Golf Club1125/3/2023
Kim BillingtonBelmont Golf club1323/3/2023
Gab DonnellyOatlands Golf Club920/3/2023
Maryann GearyNorthbridge Golf Club119/3/2023
Joe CockerBelmont Golf club1618/3/2023
Les SzkirpanStonecutters Ridge618/3/2023
Brenton CarterWoolooware Golf Club1612/3/2023
Terry ReidNarooma Golf Club149/3/2023
Roy JohnsonNelson Bay Golf Club188/3/2023
Damian MoonTamworth Golf Club98/3/2023
John AdamsonNorthbridge Golf Club157/3/2023
Lance CarrWagga Wagga Country Club127/3/2023
Peng ChuAsquith Golf Club125/3/2023
Dennis SchultzWagga Wagga Country Club184/3/2023
Geoff SharpeWoolooware Golf Club173/3/2023
Graham SmallNarooma Golf Club32/3/2023
Ian HarveyTanilba Bay Golf Club111/3/2023
Mark HewittAsquith Golf Club141/3/2023
Noelene SharpeWyong Golf Club927/2/2023
Beverley HollowayWyong Golf Club426/2/2023
Ross HarlandEasts Leisure & Golf1325/2/2023
Neville WilsonEasts Leisure & Golf325/2/2023
Paul JamesForster Tuncurry Golf Club122/2/2023
Matt Lloyd-JonesWagga Wagga Country Club1822/2/2023
Matthew Buchanan-ReeksNorthbridge Golf Club718/2/2023
Darren King #1Russell Vale Golf Club1018/2/2023
Darren King #2Russell Vale Golf Club318/2/2023
Kay BrennanJamberoo Golf Club714/2/2023
Barbara StolkBermagui Country Club814/2/2023
Mark HurleyForster Tuncurry Golf Club18/2/2023
Henry MikkelsenNorthbridge Golf Club35/2/2023
Trent BryanWoolooware Golf Club95/2/2023
Gerald WrightBermagui Country Club62/2/2023
William O'BrienMoruya Glf Club52/2/2023
Peter SelbergNorthbridge Golf Club328/1/2023
Rowan BottomRussell Vale Golf Club1326/1/2023
Graeme HennessyOatlands Golf Club222/1/2023
Gerard BradleyWagga Wagga Country Club1821/1/2023
Angela GerlachWagga Wagga Country Club1419/1/2023
Danny ZaoukOatlands Golf Club1819/1/2023
Stephen HillAsquith Golf Club918/1/2023
Ann GreatorexBelmont Golf club515/1/2023
Wie JungAsquith Golf Club1414/1/2023
Robyn ButlerNelson Bay Golf Club1413/1/2023
Matthew FellowesBelmont Golf club1611/1/2023
Willy MitchellWagga Wagga Country Club188/1/2023
Greg Le PayreNorthbridge Golf Club37/1/2023
Michael LimAsquith Golf Club1428/12/2022
Gary KirkbyAsquith Golf Club619/9/2020
Paul ToussaintNorthbridge Golf Club17Not listed.

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