December 1, 2023

2022 Hole in One Achievers

St Halletts Hole in one page

Congratulations from St Hallett Wines and Golf NSW to all those lucky enough to achieve a hole-in-one during 2022.

Scott WilsonShortland Waters Golf Club112/1/2022
Brad SturgeonShortland Waters Golf Club175/1/2022
Nancy TisdellWagga Wagga Country Club71/1/2022
Stanley GardnerEasts Leisure & Golf1311/1/2022
DC KongNorthbridge Golf Club154/1/2022
Mark SimpsonRussell Vale Golf Club611/1/2022
Brian TomlinsNelson Bay Golf Club118/1/2022
Neil RutherfordBermagui Country Club1124/7/2021
Sunny PunjLynwood Country Club1422/12/2021
Greg MaloneyBermagui Country Club1113/1/2022
Yo Soo YangAsquith Golf Club616/1/2022
Zac SemmensNelson Bay Golf Club1415/1/2022
Neville LivingstoneForster Tuncurry Golf Club911/1/2022
Patricia JensonForster Tuncurry Golf Club1621/11/2021
Brian HearneWyong Golf Club1511/12/2021
Dan GodfreyNorthbridge Golf Club220/1/2022
Paul NesbitWoolooware Golf Club326/1/2022
Joshua EversWagga Wagga Country Club1029/1/2022
Bruce StevensonShortland Waters Golf Club112/2/2022
Tracey ArnoldWoolooware Golf Club41/2/2022
Mi Jeong ParkAsquith Golf Club1412/12/2021
Isaac SmithRussell Vale Golf Club528/1/2022
Peter CookNorthbridge Golf Club129/1/2022
Andrew RedgmentWagga Wagga Country Club224/12/2021
Michael RobbinsEasts Leisure & Golf1727/1/2022
Ken BrownEasts Leisure & Golf1715/1/2022
Paul MaddenOatlands Golf Club1921/1/2022
Ben MackayOatlands Golf Club1831/12/2021
Amy KimOatlands Golf Club229/12/2021
Tony ShinOatlands Golf Club931/12/2021
Chris CarnegieOatlands Golf Club1813/11/2021
Bill MitchellOatlands Golf Club912/21/2021
Anna KimOatlands Golf Club1814/11/2021
Peter CrawfordOatlands Golf Club29/2/2022
Peter TatePalm Beach Golf Club1729/1/2022
Michael MusgraveKogarah Golf Club813/2/2022
Brad RostronNelson Bay Golf Club1412/2/2022
David OsborneOatlands Golf Club1814/2/2022
David JohnsonBonville Golf Resort811/2/2022
Mark WilmottRussell Vale Golf Club717/2/2022
Doug NicolBonville Golf Resort315/1/2022
Mick KelseyBonville Golf Resort517/2/2022
Gwen HarrisonAsquith Golf Club917/2/2022
Liahm WilliamsAsquith Golf Club1419/2/2022
Lachlan RobinsonWagga Wagga Country Club1817/2/2022
Rob FitzgeraldNelson Bay Golf Club819/2/2022
David McMahonWagga Wagga Country Club1826/2/2022
Jason DonnellyThe Ridge Golf Course1125/2/2022
Michael LaceyShortland Waters Golf Club119/2/2022
Ross KalieTanilba Bay Golf Club75/3/2022
Harry Drewitt SmithAsquith Golf Club145/3/2022
Marc VandervaereNorthbridge Golf Club1711/4/2022
Phil SkurrieNorthbridge Golf Club1715/3/2022
Sue BellamyForster Tuncurry Golf Club415/3/2022
Darren DraperWagga Wagga Country Club149/3/2022
David FrenchWagga Wagga Country Club1414/3/2022
Rowan EasterbrookOatlands Golf Club1818/3/2022
Andrew ThompsonNarooma Golf Club326/3/2022
Dave CastleWagga Wagga Country Club225/3/2022
Tony CromeBermagui Country Club1117/3/2022
Paul ForbesEasts Leisure & Golf Club1211/4/2022
Craig McHattonKogarah Golf Club1314/4/2022
Jacqui CooperNorthbridge Golf Club1717/4/2022
Cindy WangOatlands Golf Club1817/4/2022
Mat McIlveenTamworth Golf Club320/4/2022
Harry GohKogarah Golf Club625/4/2022
Dinah MoranKogarah Golf Club628/4/2022
Will AitkenTamworth Golf Club324/4/2022
Andrew FreemanTamworth Golf Club31/5/2022
Mason PaynterBonville Golf Resort84/5/2022
Rocky LaganaBermagui Country Club623/4/2022
Michele SykesWagga Wagga Country Club719/4/2022
Paul ColensoWagga Wagga Country Club1830/3/2022
Shannon BernasconiNorthbridge Golf Club111/5/2022
Glenn BakerWagga Wagga Country Club21/5/2022
Steve HayesBonville Golf Resort1118/5/2022
Richard BeanThe Ridge Golf Course1117/5/2022
Roger WalshWoolooware Golf Club518/5/2022
Debbie PatchForster Tuncurry Golf Club166/5/2022
Maximillian Farrell-AlducaNorthbridge Golf Club1619/5/2022
Craig MunnsAsquith Golf Club918/5/2022
Jim DalgleishMoruya Golf Club523/4/2022
Melissa KeeleStomecutters Golf Club1726/4/2022
Sean McElduffStonecutters Golf Club1626/5/2022
Sally KimStonecutters Golf Club625/1/2022
Harrison WildeStonecutters Golf Club1717/3/2022
Chris SearlPalm Beach Golf Club326/5/2022
Jason ShawNelson Bay Golf Club251/5/2022
David SmukThe Ridge Golf Course81/6/2022
Michael PorterNorthbridge Golf Club59/6/2022
Colin TinkerNelson Bay Golf Club1410/6/2022
Andrew MarksWoolooware Golf Club1011/6/2022
David FrancisThe Ridge Golf Course89/6/2022
Chanhee JungAsquith Golf Club914/6/2022
Mark HarveyAsquith Golf Club928/5/2022
Susie AndersonNelson Bay Golf Club2514/6/2022
Judy TiedemanWyong Golf Club1516/6/2022
Brendan ShoemarkTamworth Golf Club319/6/2022
Warwick MordveBonville Golf Resort1722/6/2022
Ian LewisJamberoo Golf Club927/6/2022
Lincoln AbberfieldTamworth Golf Club1325/6/2022
Dennis MartinTamworth Golf Club925/6/2022
Wendy WeeksRussell Vale Golf Club1119/7/2022
Robert EllisPalm Beach Golf Club1516/7/2022
Geoff LanhamNarooma Golf Club1716/7/2022
Daniel AdamsJamberoo Golf Club1327/7/2022
Annette RumbleNelson Bay Golf Club522/7/2022
Tony JayForster Tuncurry Golf Club1723/7/2022
Tim SmithAsquith Golf Club1215/7/2022
Christopher MaherAsquith Golf Club99/7/2022
James HarrisonWagga Wagga Country Club224/7/2022
Mick HigginsWoolooware Golf Club1627/7/2022
Wayne GriefRussell Vale Golf Club154/8/2022
Daniel PiconeKogarah Golf Club86/8/2022
Wayne MagannTamworth Golf Club331/7/2022
John TerranovaNorthbridge Golf Club167/8/2022
David SlatteryTanilba Bay Golf Club116/8/2022
Sun KimAsquith Golf Club97/8/2022
Ken StorkEasts Leisure & Golf129/8/2022
Jinming LiuOatlands Golf Club186/8/2022
David PykeWagga Wagga Country Club1410/8/2022
Bob WrightJamberoo Golf Club1113/8/2022
Alan ComminsKogarah Golf Club1017/8/2022
Robert RussackNarooma Golf Club1718/8/2022
Gary SchmidtNarooma Golf Club1411/8/2022
Dean CooperWagga Wagga Country Club1813/8/2022
Neil SwannTanilba Bay Golf Club1817/8/2022
Kate LongworthOatlands Golf Club510/8/2022
David GrayWoolooware Golf Club420/8/2022
Linda McLeodForster Tuncurry Golf Club417/8/2022
John BlackmanBonville Golf Resort1124/8/2022
Phil CollinsWagga Wagga Country Club1427/8/2022
Isaac WarburtonRussell Vale Golf Club319/8/2022
Wayne FullertonTuross Head Country Club425/8/2022
Ron BaldockTanilba Bay Golf Club1131/8/2022
Shane GschwendTuross Head Country Club131/9/2022
John LiddleNorthbridge Golf Club166/9/2022
John BucinskasRussell Vale Golf Club108/9/2022
Murray HalgrenRussell Vale Golf Club1510/9/2022
Clifford BrownForster Tuncurry Golf Club810/9/2022
Rodney PoidevinJamberoo Golf Club1117/9/2022
Chris CostelloJamberoo Golf Club317/9/2022
Phil ThompsonJamberoo Golf Club1317/9/2022
Michael ReynoldsRussell Vale Golf Club617/9/2022
Lucas JordanBonville Golf Resort518/9/2022
Randal StevensonAsquith Golf Club317/9/2022
Ron PooleBelmont Golf Club1621/9/2022
John MurphyMoruya Golf Club527/9/2022
Xavier NugentWagga Wagga Country Club1022/9/2022
Peter CrainTathra Beach Country Club1410/9/2022
John ClarkNelson Bay Golf Club255/10/2022
Peter McDonaldNorthbridge Golf Club171/10/2022
Sandra SchultzWagga Wagga Country Club74/10/2022
Michael LynchMoruya Golf Club54/10/2022
Chris LindsayNorthbridge Golf Club110/10/2022
Joe HarrisNorthbridge Golf Club178/10/2022
Wayne GriefRussell Vale Golf Club722/10/2022
Jim SayeghKogarah Golf Club623/10/2022
Keith BryantBelmont Golf Club138/10/2022
Brian OliverBelmont Golf Club1312/10/2022
Paul MedwinTuross Head Country Club615/10/2022
Russell CampbellWagga Wagga Country Club73/10/2022
Melissa BeavisEasts Leisure & Golf1319/10/2022
Linda BestfordOatlands Golf Club927/10/2022
Villi IsaiaOatlands Golf Club1822/10/2022
Warren GrahamOatlands Golf Club1826/10/2022
David MoninNelson Bay Golf Club1126/10/2022
Don ThompsonJamberoo Golf Club1329/10/2022
Jeff WongLynwood Country Club917/9/2022
Shane BaldwinBelmont Golf Club1329/10/2022
John CookKogarah Golf Club831/10/2022
Adam ManticasNorthbridge Golf Club1728/10/2022
Billy KeanBonville Golf Resort328/10/2022
Mick McGrathForster Tuncurry Golf Club87/11/2022
Helen RookeMerewether Golf Club17B11/10/2022
Michael BolandAsquith Golf Club1212/11/2022
Simon LaneAsquith Golf Club1413/11/2022
John RenshawNorthbridge Golf Club112/1//2022
William MicallefWyong Golf Club1729/10/2022
Jack OsborneWyong Golf Club135/11/2022
Dianne LovedayBelmont Golf Club1630/10/2022
Chris SeymourPalm Beach Golf Club25/11/2022
David AdamsAsquith Golf Club919/11/2022
Paul RoffeyBelmont Golf Club1623/11/2022
Steve JohnstonMoruya Golf Club1224/11/2022
Bill Buchanan-ReeksNorthbridge Golf Club1724/11/2022
Gina PearcePalm Beach Golf Club811/10/2022
James BrownStonecutters Golf Club166/8/2022
Harold WilliamsonStonecutters Golf Club1722/11/2022
Mitchell AnsemsAsquith Golf Club1427/11/2022
Tom WinterEasts Leisure & Golf136/12/2022
Peter MatthewsEasts Leisure & Golf178/12/2022
Robyn BurgessKogarah Golf Club88/12/2022
Lorraine AlexanderWoolooware Golf Club46/12/2022
Wayne CleaverNelson Bay Golf Club117/12/2022
Dugald McKayWagga Wagga Country Club1030/11/2022
Jonothan GeenAsquith Golf Club65/12/2022
Brent HarrisAsquith Golf Club143/12/2022
Andrew WilliamsAsquith Golf Club34/12/2022
Ryan HaskardNorthbridge Golf Club219/11/2022
Brent JonesRussell Vale Golf Club73/12/2022
Barbara ClarkNelson Bay Golf Club146/12/2022
Mark TaitKogarah Golf Club811/12/2022
Andrew ParkinsonEasts Leisure & Golf510/12/2022
Peter LewisRussell Vale Golf Club78/12/2022
Katrina Skinner-OystonEasts Leisure & Golf1715/12/2022
Scott McLachlanWagga Wagga Country Club210/12/2022
Neil RutherfordBermagui Country Club1510/12/2022
Charles RignallNorthbridge Golf Club329/11/2022
Joel DruryWoolooware Golf Club417/12/2022
Mitchell HelpsEasts Leisure & Golf Club1717/12/2022
Brett MurphyRussell Vale Golf Club1222/12/2022
Jeremy BarnettRussell Vale Golf Club722/12/2022
Adam GrossRussell Vale Golf Club722/12/2022
James GoodwinKogarah Golf Club1328/2/2022
Samantha GreavesKogarah Golf Club1329/12/2022
Bruce HardingTuross Head Country Club422/12/2022
Peter CampbellNelson Bay Golf Club2529/12/2022
Elliot JurdAsquith Golf Club626/12/2022
Stephen ShieldsWoolooware Golf Club1628/12/2022
Tony LeeStonecutters Golf Club1713/12/2022
John WrightWagga Wagga Country Club231/12/2022
John HartWagga Wagga Country Club217/12/2022
Willy MitchellWagga Wagga Country Club1427/12/2022
Garry IvesWyong Golf Club1711/12/2022
Geoff MarlesPalm Beach Golf Club631/12/2022

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