September 17, 2021
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2021 Hole in One Achievers

2021 Hole in One Achievers

Congratulations from St Hallett Wines and Golf NSW to all those lucky enough to achieve a hole-in-one during 2021.

Ben GriefRussell Vale Golf Club3rd2/1/21
Phillip SquiresWoolooware Golf Club4th6/1/21
Michael SarquisEasts Leisure & Golf3rd7/1/21
John SzczurRussell Vale Golf Club15th9/1/21
Hal FraserNarooma Golf Club3rd9/1/21
Paul LeonAsquith Golf Club6th10/1/21
Lance FredericksJamberoo Golf Club13th11/1/21
Col RiderWyong Golf Club4th13/1/21
Nathan JessMoruya Golf Club15th14/1/21
Dominic TamasNorthbridge Golf Club1st14/1/21
George JordanBlackheath Golf Club13th15/1/21
Peter CourtsNelson Bay Golf Club11th16/1/21
Ben FolkardAsquith Golf Club14th16/1/21
Thomas AinsworthNelson Bay Golf Club14th20/1/21
Clayton SmallEasts Leisure & Golf13th21/1/21
Bob SmithBonville Golf Resort17th22/1/21
Lynette BerryForster-Tuncurry16th22/1/21
Steven WhitemanForster-Tuncurry17th23/1/21
Graham CowdroyMoruya Golf Club6th23/1/21
Bob LoadsmanForster-Tuncurry4th27/1/21
Paul KeoughWagga Wagga Country Club14th27/1/21
Keith SmithWyong Golf Club13th27/1/21
Mark ButlerKogarah Golf Club6th30/1/21
John McleanPalm Beach Golf Club2nd31/1/21
Alan WalshWoolooware Golf Club16th1/2/21
Daniel illingworthNorthbridge Golf Club15th5/2/21
Charles McCurrichNorthbridge Golf Club5th6/2/21
Stephen YatesEasts Leisure & Golf13th6/2/21
Gillian MitchellWyong Golf Club17th11/2/21
Gary BoobyThe Ridge Golf Club5th4/2/21
Ron HartleyForster-Tuncurry16th4/2/21
Frank HemarRussell Vale Golf Club13th11/2/21
Jarrod RitchieThe Ridge Golf Club8th13/2/21
Dave GrayTuross Head Country Club6th13/2/21
Kay HobbsTamworth Golf Club3rd16/2/21
Peter KerriganStonecutters Ridge Golf Club11th20/2/21
Max ButlerNorthbridge Golf Club17th20/2/21
Quentin PriceAsquith Golf Club6th20/2/21
Robert MillerFederal Golf Club16th26/2/21
Barry KniplerLynwood Golf Club3rd26/2/21
Michael KabalanThe Ridge Golf Club11th27/2/21
Andrew ThompsonNarooma Golf Club14th4/3/21
Clayton SmallEasts Leisure & Golf5th4/3/21
Burak DincelThe Ridge Golf Club8th5/3/21
Glen ZacherBonville Golf Resort17th6/3/21
Stephen GoldingWoolooware Golf Club3rd6/3/21
Mary MoffattWoolooware Golf Club3rd7/3/21
Daniel FisherAsquith Golf Club14th7/3/21
Brad MartinRussell Vale Golf Club17th13/3/21
Stephen WebbRussell Vale Golf Club5th13/3/21
Ian McManusTuross Head Country Club13th13/3/21
John GiaccaWagga Wagga Country Club18th13/3/21
Kenneth SmithWoolooware Golf Club3rd15/3/21
Jim MongAsquith Golf Club12th15/3/21
Kylie AllenBonville Golf Resort3rd16/3/21
Trish TarlintonTathra Beach Country Club18th16/3/21
Eric NyholmJamberoo Golf Club9th17/3/21
Robert KamperNorthbridge Golf Club17th18/3/21
Raymond SmithWyong Golf Club15th27/3/21
Sam NichollsNarooma Golf Club17th1/4/21
Peter McKeonAsquith Golf Club14th2/4/21
Peter WildbloodGloucester Country Club13th3/4/21
Phillip PaullBlackheath Golf Club7th3/4/21
Ben ByrneWagga Wagga Country Club2nd7/4/21
Peter HoganTuross Head Country Club15th10/4/21
Paul DeanWagga Wagga Country Club7th10/4/21
Tim WilliamsBonville Golf Resort11th11/4/21
Graham CalbertWyong Golf Club15th19/4/21
Ian PomplunForster-Tuncurry9th20/4/21
Rodney HunterThe Ridge Golf Club5th22/4/21
Ivy CheongAsquith Golf Club6th22/4/21
Alan VivianFederal Golf Club16th22/4/21
David CavanaghForster-Tuncurry6th23/4/21
John NichollsRussell Vale Golf Club1st27/4/21
Brendan ThorneWyong Golf Club15th28/4/21
Robert EnglishTamworth Golf Club3rd28/4/21
Masa UrasakiAsquith Golf Club9th1/5/21
Jack SymonsThe Merewether Golf Club18th1/5/21
Lachlan CorbettBonville Golf Resort8th2/5/21
John MansourForster Tuncurry17th5/5/21
Gerard HefferWagga Wagga Country Club18th8/5/21
Jonathan OsborneForster-Tuncurry11th8/5/21
Mark LaneMerewether Golf Club5th8/5/21
Gary FlorimoBonville Golf Resort17th10/5/21
John FullerNelson Bay Golf Club25th12/5/21
Paul BullKogarah Golf Club12th15/5/21
Stuart BridgesRussell Vale Golf Club17th16/5/21
Dorelle MonteithNarooma Golf Club3rd17/5/21
Gary GreenlandWyong Golf Club15th19/5/21
Patricia KerrNorthbridge Golf Club5th19/5/21
Andrew FergusonMoruya Golf Club10th20/5/21
Karl MunchowBlackheath Golf Club16th22/5/21
Luke StrachanMoruya Golf Club12th22/5/21
Robert MannNorthbridge Golf Club5th27/5/21
Katrina Skinner-OystonForster Tuncurry4th28/5/21
Simon GillespiePalm Beach Golf Club8th29/5/21
Lachlan FlemmingTamworth Golf Club13th30/5/21
Cathy PykeWagga Wagga Country Club2nd1/6/21
Kevin ScrimshawForster4th2/6/21
Shane TrotterWagga Wagga Country Club2nd2/6/21
Denis GallagherKogarah Golf Club8th5/6/21
Mark HammondAsquith Golf Club14th5/6/21
John PhylandTuross Head Country Club15th5/6/21
Phil HansonWyong Golf Club13th5/6/21
Heung Man GohKogarah Golf Club6th7/6/21
Jo WeirFederal Golf Club8th8/6/21
Laurance PetkevitchBlackheath Golf Club7th12/6/21
Ryan CadleStonecutters Ridge Golf Club17th12/6/21
Angie KimAsquith Golf Club14th13/6/21
Rob AttwoodStonecutters Ridge Golf Club17th13/6/21
Greg DydeWagga Wagga Country Club7th14/6/21
Donald ColemanNorthbridge Golf Club15th15/6/21
Chairat KhorthonForster-Tuncurry9th15/6/21
Megan MagillMerewether Golf Club16th15/6/21
Michael PorterNorthbridge Golf Club16th17/6/21
Darrell GawthorpeBlackheath Golf Club2nd19/6/21
Graham HillForster-Tuncurry17th19/6/21
Surjit SharmaAsquith Golf Club17th23/6/21
Justin FieldStonecutters Ridge Golf Club16th27/6/21
Colm MolloyNorthbridge Golf Club17th27/6/21
Harley WatkinsWoolooware Golf Club4th28/6/21
Cathy PykeWagga Wagga Country Club14th1/7/21
Mark SayeghKogarah Golf Club12th7/7/21
Robert HarbinRussell Vale Golf Club7th13/7/21
Robert HarbinRussell Vale Golf Club15th20/7/21