September 24, 2021
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2020 Hole in One Achievers

2020 Hole in One Achievers

Congratulations from St Hallett Wines and Golf NSW to all those lucky enough to achieve a hole-in-one during 2020.

Nick RileyEasts Leisure & Golf13th2/1/20
Paul CrellinNorthbridge Golf Club3th6/1/20
David MalcolmAsquith Golf Club6th8/1/20
Warren ChandlerWoolooware Golf Club10th13/1/20
John FlisWoolooware Golf Club16th5/1/20
Tony FairhallFederal Golf Club16th15/1/20
Shane PearceThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range15th11/1/20
Shaun ColemanForster-Tuncurry Golf Club6th22/1/20
Les EdwardsEasts Leisure & Golf13th9/1/20
John McWhinneyKogarah Golf Club12th22/1/20
Peter MurrayNelson Bay Golf Club8th29/1/20
Richard DarraghAsquith Golf Club14th29/1/20
Brian NuttMuswellbrook Golf Club17th31/1/20
Stephen YatesEasts Leisure & Golf13th4/2/20
John IrvineWoolooware Golf Club4th5/2/20
Kevin ScalmerForster-Tuncurry Golf Club9th28/1/20
Juhai O'MaraPalm Beach Golf Club2nd1/2/20
David SmartNorthbridge Golf Club15th6/2/20
Erica FordWyong Golf Club10B6/2/20
John BlayneyThe Ridge11th11/2/20
Bob SmithBonville Golf Resort3rd5/2/20
Maire O'CallaghanFederal Golf Club8th14/2/20
Peter LotzNorthbridge Golf Club15th15/2/20
Pam NormanNelson Bay Golf Club5th25/2/20
June HirdThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range5th27/2/20
Danny PetithNelson Bay Golf Club8th29/2/20
Rhonda LonerganBlackheath Golf Club13h15/2/20
Russell KnightForster-Tuncurry Golf Club16th29/2/20
Graeme HollingworthNorthbridge Golf Club1st1/3/20
Robyn ButlerNelson Bay Golf Club14th10/3/20
Dean ElliottForster-Tuncurry Golf Club11th6/3/20
Terry DunnForster-Tuncurry Golf Club14th20/3/20
Anthony BainRussell Vale Golf Club5th28/3/20
Maree SimmonsAsquith Golf Club9th9/4/20
Michael BolandAsquith Golf Club6th28/3/20
James DuignanKogarah Golf Club3rd13/4/20
Tim CondonJamberoo Golf Club13th15/4/20
Fred PearceThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range11th14/4/20
Lawrie YeomansThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range8th20/4/20
Ray CansdellThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range5th19/3/20
Stephen ScottAsquith Golf Club9th26/4/20
Peter JacksonWyong Golf Club17th4/5/20
Chris GiddingsWoolooware Golf Club4th24/2/20
Noelene SharpeWyong Golf Club17th8/5/20
Phil McCollWoolooware Golf Club4th2/5/20
Sharon Le StrangePambula-Merimbula Golf Club17th5/5/20
Greg HitchensPambula-Merimbula Golf Club11th19/2/20
Don SinaiStonecutters Ridge Golf Club11th1/5/20
Stephen TolhurstBlackheath Golf Club17th25/4/20
James RobertsonBlackheath Golf Club17th29/2/20
Martyn LaniForster-Tuncurry Golf Club6th25/4/20
Lynda JollyPambula-Merinbula Golf Club6th19/5/20
Bernard LagarennePambula-Merinbula Golf Club22nd16/5/20
Graham BremmellMuree Golf Club16th9/5/20
Brett MaloufStonecutters Ridge Golf Club17th21/5/20
Terry MellonWyong Golf Club13th24/5/20
Helen HaynesStonecutters Ridge Golf Club16th30/5/20
Peter GibsonNelson Bay Golf Club25th3/6/20
Paul MillsThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range5th4/6/20
Keith RigbyAsquith Golf Club3rd23/5/20
Elliot JurdAsquith Golf Club14th23/5/20
Carmel StreetAsquith Golf Club6th9/6/20
Robert LightfootPambula-Merimbula Golf Club17th6/6/20
Christopher EversStonecutters Ridge Golf Club16th8/6/20
David LinakerAsquith Golf Club6th26/2/20
Greg SmithTurros Head Country Club6th4/6/20
Geoff CannonEasts Leisure & Golf17th18/6/20
Hayden SharpeNorthbridge Golf Club17th2/5/20
Colin ProbertKogarah Golf Club8th24/6/20
Alan BallAsquith Golf Club12th21/6/20
Shaun GolledgeAsquith Golf Club14th10/5/20
Liahm WilliamsAsquith Golf Club6th21/6/20
Scott McLachlanWagga Wagga Country Club14th30/5/20
Cathy WithersWagga Wagga Country Club18th24/5/20
Brian BrookerForster-Tuncurry Golf Club4th13/6/20
Keith MaidmentForster-Tuncurry Golf Club16th23/6/20
Ben ChisholmForster-Tuncurry Golf Club8th27/6/20
Leigh HancockForster-Tuncurry Golf Club4th24/6/20
Mark PorterMuree Golf Club12th22/6/20
Hyun YouAsquith Golf Club9th1/7/20
Martin SaltForster-Tuncurry Golf Club6th27/3/20
David ColemanBermagui Country Club11th9/7/20
Tracey PittTamworth Golf Club3rd11/7/20
Sam McKillopBonville Golf Resort5th23/5/20
Kevin EdmondsBonville Golf Resort2nd10/7/20
Deb CroftsStonecutters Ridge Golf Club17th7/7/20
Rachel GayNorthbridge Golf Club15th30/6/20
Paul DowneyWyong Golf Club15th18/7/20
Joel HilliardTuross Head Country Club13th18/7/20
Greg BoothTurros Head Country Club13th27/6/20
Robert EversWagga Wagga Country Club2nd8/7/20
Charles TalbotWagga Wagga Country Club18th11/7/20
Kyle TuckettWagga Wagga Country Club2nd27/6/20
Peter KerriganStonecutters Ridge Golf Club16th16/7/20
Max BowenNorthbridge Golf Club5th23/7/20
Greg JohnsonTathra Beach Country Club3rd10/7/20
Rosslyn DreiseForster-Tuncurry Golf Club9th8/4/20
Karen EnrightTathra Beach Country Club14th24/7/20
Bill JefferyAsquith Golf Club9th5/8/20
Robyn KennettNelson Bay Golf Club25th5/8/20
Rob GillespieRussell Vale Golf Club7th4/8/20
Tracey FullbrookTamworth Golf Club3rd23/7/20
Luke ChisholmWagga Wagga Country Club14th31/7/20
Don CrittendenWyong Golf Club17th1/8/20
Noelene SharpeWyong Golf Club13th2/8/20
Peter WiltonBranxton Golf Club9th9/5/20
William DurnanNarooma Golf Club14th2/8/20
Hal FraserNarooma Golf Club3rd6/8/20
Garry PriceEasts Leisure & Golf13th11/8/20
Rod WaltersBermagui Country Club11th13/8/20
Graham FrancisNorthbridge Golf Club11th15/8/20
Krista CribbKogarah Golf Club12th19/8/20
Tony KempTallwoods Golf Club2nd19/8/20
Karl RasmussenThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range11th22/8/20
Pete MusgravePambula-Merimbula Golf Club6th22/8/20
Janice MearesTathra Beach Country Club14h18/8/20
Julia La PeyreNorthbridge Golf Club17th19/8/20
Edward LeydenTamworth Golf Club3rd26/8/20
Sam KeirThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range8th28/8/20
Martin GilliesTamworth Golf Club9th11/7/20
Gavin WoolmerRussell Vale Golf Club15th23/8/20
Thomas StirratEasts Leisure & Golf5th29/8/20
Patrick AustinEasts Leisure & Golf17th27/8/20
Tony ShortNelson Bay Golf Club5th2/9/20
Edward AtchisonMerewether Golf Club3rd29/8/20
Pat KellyTathra Beach Country Club18th16/5/20
Susan JeffreyMerewether Golf Club3rd29/8/20
Robyn WatsonMerewether Golf Club3 wood9/9/20
Peter RowdenEasts Leisure & Golf8 iron6/9/20
Mark UptonPalm Beach Golf Club5 Rescue27/8/20
Louise MullardWyong Golf Club7 iron6/9/20
Martha EyrieKogarah Golf Club12th12/9/20
Peter DunkleyMerewether Golf Club18th12/9/20
Dylan GroganWyong Golf Club13th16/9/20
Mark HeurichThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range5th12/9/20
Michael MaclennanThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range8th12/9/20
Greg MaloneyBermagui Country Club6th5/9/20
Lesley JeffriessTamworth Golf Club9th15/9/20
Bernie RiordanWoolooware Golf Club9th29/8/20
Arthur BosanquetJamberoo Golf Club13th16/9/20
Bruce CleeveTuross Head Country Club6th27/8/20
Felix LevNorthbridge Golf Club3rd24/9/20
David FriedliebWagga Wagga Country Club18th30/9/20
Thomas GreenwellAsquith Golf Club6th26/9/20
Peter CoatesWoolooware Golf Club16th23/9/20
Garry FolcarelliKogarah Golf Club5th23/9/20
Jack RichardsNorthbridge Golf Club15th26/9/20
Martin MooreRussell Vale Golf Club17th1/10/20
Sylvia DonohoeNarooma Golf Club17th10/6/20
Kurt BurrellWyong Golf Club17th2/10/20
Andrew HoneysettKogarah Golf Club12th3/10/20
John BlayneyThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range5th8/10/20
Paul MillsThe Ridge Golf Course & Driving Range14th24/9/20
Denzil LawsonForster-Tuncurry Golf Club1st7/10/20
David HarrisTamworth Golf Club16th5/7/20
David HarrisTamworth Golf Club5th18/3/20
Damien ChambersAsquith Golf Club3rd7/10/20
Col HoughtonTuross Head Country Club15th10/10/20
Michael BelletteWyong Golf Club4th11/10/20
Young KwonAsquith Golf Club17th18/10/20
Peter CrameriForster-Tuncurry Golf Club8th16/10/20
Albert SmeatonRussell Vale Golf Club3rd13/10/20
David JohnsonEasts Leisure & Golf11th15/10/20
Colin SkeinWoolooware Golf Club9th14/10/20
Paul HarveyTamworth Golf Club5th14/10/20
Russell BunnWyong Golf Club4th24/10/20
Michael HitchensFederal Golf Club16th9/10/20
Nola LaversBlackheath Golf Club17th22/10/20
Barry RumbleForster-Tuncurry Golf Club14th30/10/20
Robert AndersonJamberoo Golf Club7th24/10/20
Dianne HaddenMerewether Golf Club3rd24/10/20
Roger WalshWoolooware Golf Club4th9/11/20
Altair ZolioWagga Wagga Country Club10th8/11/20
Michael HitchensFederal Golf Club3rd21/10/20
Philip DorrellForster-Tuncurry Golf Club9th18/7/20
Kris LoadsmanForster-Tuncurry Golf Club17th17/11/20
Roberto DacolKogarah Golf Club8th18/11/20
Michael MomsenRussell Vale Golf Club15th14/11/20
Richard BrakeTuross Head Country Club6th11/11/20
Ray WalterPambula Merimbula6th25/11/20
Sanju SahaAsquith Golf Club12th9/11/20
Stephen WesterwellerStonecutters Ridge Golf Club11th7/11/20
Bill SawtellWoolooware Golf Club4th21/11/20
Brad EdwardsWoolooware Golf Club4th25/11/20
Vicki GoodwinMoruya Golf Club5th18/11/20
Arthur ParkerWyong Golf Club17th17/11/20
Catherine O'NeillKogarah Golf Club5th23/11/20
Peter HudsonNorthbridge Golf Club5th19/11/20
Tomohiko MisakaAsquith Golf Club6th21/11/20
Michael PearceRussell Vale Golf Club7th22/11/20
Sue ConradesNelson Bay Golf Club25th6/12/20
Robert YapStonecutters Ridge Golf Club17th20/11/20
Mark SullivanMuree Golf Club8th21/11/20
Phillip TurnerRussell Vale Golf Club13th10/12/20
Rod WilkinsonWoolooware Golf Club10th2/12/20
Rhonda LonerganBlackheath Golf Club16th12/12/20
Michael LonerganBlackheath Golf Club17th2/12/20
Michael ToddRussell Vale Golf Club7th5/12/20
Trent SmithWoolooware Golf Club6th13/12/20
Russell MeehanForster-Tuncurry Golf Club16th8/12/20
Ann StradthdeeForster-Tuncurry Golf Club16th25/11/20
Ken WilsonNelson Bay Golf Club14th21/11/20
Hans KettnissWyong Golf Club17th28/12/20
Les BeauchampRussell Vale Golf Club15th29/12/20
Karen EnrightTathra Beach Country Club9th26/12/20
Mike JonesKogarah Golf Club5th30/12/20
Gary SoykaBonville Golf Resort5th2/12/20
John McDeanEasts Leisure & Golf13th24/12/20
Donald StewartWoolooware Golf Club16th21/12/20
Ik Jin LimAsquith Golf Club6th16/12/20
Stuart HeineWagga Wagga Country Club18th11/12/20
Scott GrahamAsquith Golf Club3rd27/12/20