Illawarra Clubs combine for Women’s Pennant success

Due to retirements, injuries, family commitments and the like, it was looking like neither Port Kembla nor The Links Shell Cove in the Illawarra region of NSW would be able to field a team in the Women’s Golf Illawarra Gold Pennant for 2023.

Luckily, however, the idea of a combined team was floated from Women’s Golf Illawarra (WGI) with players from both clubs playing under a joint name. The Links had two young ladies keen to play pennant and Port would provide the other team members.

The result was ‘PortLinks’ was created.

In the opening match, we had one Links Shell Cove player and four Port Kembla members, but for the other four weeks, two from the Links and three from Port made up the team.

A win in week one was exciting and a draw in week three (week two was washed out) and two more wins.

The final day saw the team play away at Shoalhaven Heads against the home team. We needed the final match go our way for us to win the pennant, and it did. as you can imagine, we were very excited to win.

So with a team able to be brought together in such a unique way, what does it show? 

  • Thinking outside the square enabled two young ladies to play pennant.
  •  The competition had one more team that it may have had.
  • More players were exposed to matchplay

We are so pleased to have been part of this experience and hope other clubs can consider it as a way forward and encourage players in a game we all enjoy.

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