THREE-PEAT: Jnr Blues Too Good in the West

New South Wales has made it a three-peat of Australian Junior Interstate Teams Crowns, securing the title with a nail-biting four-match-all tie against hosts Western Australia in the final round-robin contest at Royal Fremantle Golf Club. 

The Blues entered the final match knowing that a win or draw would be enough to secure the title for a third straight year. However, there were a few heart-in-mouth moments with the contest looking like it could go either way throughout the morning.

Western Australia knew they needed to win to have any chance of the major trophy, and it looked like a distinct possibility the trophy might stay in the West until Kayan Mududana claimed a 3 /1 result in the final match on course. At that point, the NSW contingent knew they had secured the title. 

Much like last year, the NSW team was undefeated for the week, with five wins and just one tie and an imposing 30 1/2 matches won throughout the three days of competition.

With several players from last year’s outfit ineligible due to age, it was a new-look boys team that also claimed team honours for the second time in three starts.

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The girls, sadly, didn’t make it a clean sweep after stumbling to the sandgropers, but still walked away in third place on countback for the week with several players in the team richer for the experience.

NSW team Manager Tahnia Stalker was ecstatic with the result and complimented her charges on the maturity and fighting spirit they displayed all week.

“I’m so proud of the team this week for winning the overall for the third year in a row. 

“Yesterday afternoon, the girls had a bye against Tassie, and they were all out there caddying and supporting the boys until the end. 

“It just shows the belief they have had for each other, and I know this was a key component to our win.”

Stalker was full of praise for all her charges, particularly Eppelstun and Mududana, who proved crucial to the team’s ultimate success in winning the morning matches.

“I’m really proud of Sophie, she went undefeated this week backing up from being undefeated last year as well.”

“Kayun was just a powerhouse all week. He won a lot of matches as well, and it was his first time competing in a junior interstate for NSW.

“We told them at the start of the week how important every single match was and that they had to fight until the end, and they did just that.”

“We had a few players on debut this week: Amy, Camilla, Sam, Harry, Vidur and Kayun. They all stepped up to the plate, and I’m just so proud of all of them.”

Toby Farrer and Sophie Eppelstun remained undefeated for the week, with both players recognised for the feat.

Boy’s captain Toby Farrer was over the moon with the win and his performance, which kept him undefeated for the week.

“I’m pretty thrilled and proud of everyone. It has been such a great week.”

“I drove it very well out there, and my game overall was solid all week. I’m keen to see what the future holds.”

“Being the captain is another thing that is pretty cool, plus I get to celebrate it with my family and friends when I get back home.”

Sophie Epppelstun, the NSW Girls captain, was delighted with the overall result and her barnstorming 6/5 win in her final match.

“It’s a great feeling to go back to back to back, honestly it is awesome.”  

“I played really well today. The best I’ve played all week, I had four birdies through 13 holes.

With some spare time before tomorrow’s flight home, Eppelstun said the team was heading out for a small and sweet victory treat.

“We are going for a celebration Yochi, so I think that’s a win!’ she beamed.

Final standings

1 New South Wales 5.5
2 Queensland 4.5
3 Western Australia 4
4 South Australia 3
5 Victoria 3
6 Australian Capital Territory 1
7 Tasmania 0 

Boys standings

  1. New South Wales 5
  2. Western Australia 4.5
  3. South Australia 3
  4. Victoria 3
  5. Queensland 2.5
  6. Tasmania 1.5
  7. Australian Capital Territory 1.5

Girls standings

  1. Queensland 4
  2. Western Australia 3.5
  3. New South Wales 3.5
  4. South Australia 2.5
  5. Victoria 1.5
  6. Australian Capital Territory 0

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