Junior Interstate: Blues Head into Final Round as Frontrunners

NSW has claimed the lead in the girls and overall categories and are second in the boys as they head into the final round of the 2024 Australian Interstate Series after securing victories against the ACT and Tasmania today.

The morning match against the ACT was intense, but NSW surged ahead to secure the win.

Sophie Eppelstun delivered a standout performance in the girls’ division, defeating ACT Girls Captain Madison Hood 9&8.

“I’m feeling great. It was honestly great to play well today. And it’s always nice to have four birdies in a row, especially when I hit every shot pretty much how I wanted to. So that’s really nice,” the seventeen year old said.

“I think everyone’s playing well, everyone’s really coming together nicely. We’re clutching up when we need to sinking those vital putts.”

Camilla Kim continued her unbeatable streak, triumphing over Taylor Hood 8&6.

“I’m feeling amazing. Really good. I felt really confident going into the game,” she said.

“My shots have been really good through Aus Junior and interstate this week, and my putts have been trickling in really nicely.”

She’s feeling confident heading into the final round.

“I’m actually not nervous at all. I know that our team will do really good and I know that I’m going to do really good as well. We’re all going to go out there and do our best and we’re going to win.”

Amy Squires secured a victory against Sophia Chau by two holes, while Rachel Lee faced a setback against Kortni Houston, going down 4&2.

In the boys’ matches, Kayun Mududana secured another victory by defeating Nathan White 7&6.

Additionally, Harry Gourlay emerged victorious in his match against Blake Jones, triumphing by 2 holes.

Hunter Caldwell of the ACT edged out Vidur Subramaniam by 2 holes, while Sam Cascio faced a 4&3 loss to Harry Whitelock.

In the afternoon, the NSW girls’ team rested while the boys faced off against Tasmania.

Gourlay, Subramanian, and Farrar all emerged victorious in their matches, although Mududana fell short to Jonty Lunson 2&1.

Fifteen-year-old Gourlay was thrilled with his two wins of the day.

“I played really well today. It was a slow start on the first nine. Caught it back and finished strong,” he said.

“I finished off my first match with a birdie, so there was good vibes going into the second round.”

Gourlay expressed gratitude for his family’s unwavering support throughout the week, following him around the course.

“They’ve been my biggest supporters my whole life and seeing them out there really motivates me because they just want to see me do well and be happy and they’re proud of me.”

As a debutant to the team, he reflected on the unique experience, describing it as “an awesome week filled with learning curves and fun times with friends.”

Boys’ Team captain Farrar was pleased with his 4&3 victory against Edison Lee, describing his performance as solid with two birdies, two bogies, and the rest pars.

“It’s been really enjoyable. We’re all close friends, so there’s great chemistry between us, and every match is fun,” he remarked. “The team has performed well, and we’re determined to keep the momentum going.”

In the afternoon, the ACT faced Western Australia, suffering a 8-0 defeat.

The final round is set to commence tomorrow morning at Royal Fremantle, with NSW facing off against Western Australia and the ACT against Tasmania.

NSW Girls Team captain Sophie Eppelstun said back-to-back wins would be a phenomenal moment for the team.

“We just have to keep everyone happy and calm and make sure everyone’s confident about who they’re playing. And honestly, just keep it light and breezy and just try our best and if our best wins, and that’s great,” she said.

NSW Boys Captain agrees another win would mean a lot.

“Especially because I’m captain this year. I’m very proud of everyone and winning is the goal. That would be awesome.”

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