Junior Interstate: Blues Unbeatable

New South Wales is currently undefeated in the 2024 Australian Interstate Series, securing victories against both South Australia and Queensland yesterday.

In the morning clash against South Australia, Boys team captain Toby Farrar and Kayun Mudadana emerged triumphant in their matches.

Farrar defeated Malachy Marshall 4&3, while Mudadana claimed victory over Joshua Grundel 3&2.

Sam Cascio halved his match, while Harry Gourlay was defeated by Jackson Leonard 2&1.

In the afternoon showdown against formidable Queensland, the Blues secured a win of 3.5-4.5.

Mudadana continued his winning streak by defeating Wesley Hinton 4&3, maintaining an unbeaten record in his matches.

“I played good in the morning, not great, but I was able to get up,” he said.  

“I didn’t really hit the ball that great, but I was able to keep it in play and play smart I guess.”

He now aims to sustain his series of victories.

“I’ll just keep playing smart. Smart but aggressive.”

Farrar and Cascio Halved their matches, while Subramanian narrowly lost by 1 hole to Chase Oberle.

When facing South Australia in the morning, Amy Squires won her match against Kanokrat Stutley 4&3. Rachel Lee and Sophie Eppelstun Halved their holes, while Lara Thomsen went down to Stephanie Keylock by 1 Hole.

In the afternoon, Camilla Kim took down another opponent. Taking on Elly Petersen of Queensland, the 13 year old won 4&3.

“I’m feeling really good. Undefeated with my first two matches for interstate, feeling very strong,” she said.

“Very confident in my game at the moment, my putting and my shots are very, very good so I’ve got nothing to lose.”

Squires, Eppelstun and Lee all halved their afternoon matches.

Seventeen-year-old Squires expressed her satisfaction with the morning win, especially considering her initial nervousness.

“I was bit nervous this morning so I’m happy to win this morning and then even to square against Queensland this afternoon,” she added.

“That sort of builds my confidence up for the rest of the week.”

In the morning, the ACT team faced defeat against Victoria with a score of 5-3. However, standout performances from Nathan White and Harry Whitelock in the boys’ division, and Kortni Houston in the girls’, secured victories for their team.

White triumphed over Rupert Toomey 4&2, while Whitelock secured a win of 3&2 against Jesse Trembath.

White said he’s feeling confident in his game.

“I felt like I played really solid all day, keeping my ball in play and making very few mistakes, doing what I needed to do and I’m keen to see how the rest of the week unfolds.”

Kortni Houston secured a victory against Amelia Harris with a score of 2&1.

“I’m super happy with how I played today with a good result for myself and a solid result for the team,” she said.

“Hopefully an even better team result is to come in the last couple of days.”

Our two teams will go head-to-head against each other this morning, with NSW competing against Tasmania in the afternoon, and the ACT facing off against Western Australia.

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