April 16, 2024

12 Fresh Faces Named in 2024 Golf NSW HP Squad

Twelve Blues athletes have been named in the Golf NSW High-Performance Squad for 2024.

The successful candidates, including an impressive five first-timers, were part of a 41-strong selection made in consultation with Golf Australia. The selection boasts the names of several of the State’s brightest prospects, plus one or two who are well on their way to achieving at the highest levels of the sport.

New South Wales stars Harrison Crowe and Jeff Guan have been elevated from tier two to tier one, while five athletes, Coby Carruthers, Rachel Lee, Will Moody, Jake Riley and Ella Scaysbrook are rookies for 2024.

The selected 12 NSW Athletes are:

Harrison Crowe, Jeffrey Guan, Grace Kim and Stephanie Kyriacou.

Coby Carruthers, Jye Halls, Rachel Lee, Will Moody, Declan O’Donovan, Annika Rathbone, Jake Riley and Ella Scaysbrook.

The group includes TIER ONE members of the Golf Australia Rookie Squad, which was previously named for professionals in the early stages of their careers. It also includes tier two and tier three amateur athletes.

TIER TWO golfers are elite amateur athletes who have demonstrated the ability to compete successfully at national and international levels and are showing the potential, desire and commitment on and off the golf course to be future tier-one athletes.

TIER THREE golfers are developing amateurs who show the potential ability to compete successfully at national and international levels and exhibit the desire and commitment, both on and off the golf course, to be a future tier two athlete.

Khan Pullen, Golf NSW’s High-Performance Manager, congratulated the selected athletes, adding that it was the start of a journey that several of the state’s brightest players had followed to success domestically and internationally.

“Every year for the past decade or so the Golf NSW High Performance Program has produced “tour-ready” graduates who have commenced their professional career.  

“Names like Cameron Davis, Harrison Endycott, and Brett Drewitt have gone on to play at the highest level, including winning on the PGA Tour, competing in Majors, and achieving top-100 World Rankings.

“Others, like Travis Smyth and Kevin Yuan, have had success domestically, in Asia and have tasted “big-time” golf through the LIV golf league.”

“Declan O’Donovan had a fantastic Aussie summer, winning the Avondale Medal and NSW Amateur. Two of our girls, Rachel Lee and Ella Scaysbrook, have already had professional success, winning the Mollymook and Bathurst NSW Open Regional Opens.”

While there is still work to be done and more experience to be gained for the “Next Gen”, the signs are looking good that we will have another steady stream of “pro ready” graduates over the coming years ready to make their mark on the professional golf tours of the world.”

Tony Meyer, Golf Australia’s High-Performance Director, said the programs at the state and national levels add value for the athletes by not only providing playing opportunities but also by supporting them in their preparation environment.

“The athletes will receive assistance with funding to compete in elite amateur competitions in addition to tuition in a high-performance training environment through their State HP programs.”

“The state programs are critical to creating elite-level golfers. Australia boasts some of the best coaches and service providers in the world, and they are here to support these young players at a critical time in their development.”


Tier 1 (GA Rookie Squad)
Harrison Crowe Stephanie Kyriacou Grace Kim Jeff Guan
Tier 3
Declan O’Donovan Will Moody Coby Carruthers Jye Halls Jake Riley Annika Rathbone Ella Scaysbrook Rachel Lee

Tier 1 (GA Rookie Squad)
Cassie Porte, Elvis Smylie
Tier 2
Quinton CrokeR, Justice Bosio
Tier 3
Billy Dowling, Lincoln Morgan, Kai Komulainen, Will Bowen, Harry Takis, Hannah Reeves, Sarah Hammett, Shyla Singh

Tier 1 (GA Rookie Squad)
Gabi Ruffels
Tier 2
Phoenix Campbell. Jasper Stubbs
Tier 3
Abel Eduard, Connor McDade, Jazy Roberts, Amelia Harris, Molly McLean

South Australia
Tier 1 (GA Rookie Squad)
Jack Thompson
Tier 2
Caitlin Peirce
Tier 3

Amelia Whinney, Reagan Denton

Tier 3
Mackenzie Wilson

Tier 1 (GA Rookie Squad)
Connor McKinney, Hayden Hopewell, Kirsten Rudgeley, Haydn Barron.

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