2023 MASTER PENNANT Finals: Back-To-Back Crowns For Monash

David Tease
July 2, 2023

The 2023 Master Pennant Finals were held at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club Resort, Wollongong Golf Club and Pacific Dunes Golf Clubs.

Division One: Monash Make it Back-To-Back Metro Crowns

Monash Take Make it Back-to-Back Metro Titles

Monash Country Club has made it back-to-back titles with a 4 1/2 to 3 1/2 victory over a gallant Kogarah in the Division One final of the NSW Master Pennant at Twin Creeks today.

Kogarah, the 2021 Champions, intended to make this a battle for the ages. However, unavailability and a last-minute injury to a key player proved too much on the day.

Kogaraah had early points on the board through wins to Steve Puskaric and Doug Small, but it was the middle of the team for Monash which held sway, getting the team from the Collaroy Plateau over the line.

Team Captain Doug Cullam was delighted with the victory and the nature with which the group had come together.

No individual greatness, just a great bunch and a lot of good players.”

“I think the first one is always the best, but a second one is very rewarding as well. To go back-to-back is an outstanding achievement. It really reflects the depth of the club. it’s a huge thrill for us.”

Cullum acknowledged how Kogarah had conducted themselves, adding that losing a couple of vital team members had undoubtedly helped the Monash cause.

” We weren’t sure we’d get there today, Kogarah is a solid team, but unfortunately, they had some key players out.

“It played into our hands, but still, we had to go out and win. Congratulations to them, though, they put up a good fight.”

Final Scores (Monash First)
John Harrison Def Buddy Nagy 4/3
Duncan Macgiver Lost to Denis Gallagher 4/3
Brett Jardine Tied Michael Musgrove
Doug Cullum Def Steve Dunlop 5/4
James Dalthwwaite Def Darryl Axford 8/7
Jacqui Morgan Def Tony Corr 2/1
David Spiteri lost to Steve Puskaric 7/6
Gary Dickerson Lost to Terry Small 4/3

2023 Master Pennant Finals

DIVISION TWO: Camden Home in a Nail-Biter

Camden Golf Club will enter Divison One Master Pennant in 2024 as Division Two champions after a nail-biting victory over Macquarie Links late this afternoon.

Unline the other Metro Finals today at Twin Creeks, which seemed to head one way from the outset; the Divison Two was an arm wrestle with the sides going match for match.

And after tieing at four matches apiece, Camden’s Team Captain Lincoln McLaren proved the man of the moment in the two-hole sudden-death playoff.

“The first hole was a bit of doozy,” A smiling McLaren recalled. “He hit it to about five foot, he holed it from the same spot this morning, so I thought it was all over.”

“I hit mine off the back of the green but nearly holed it coming in, which was good, but we were still thinking he would get it.

“I wasn’t even looking at it ( his opponent’s putt), so I don’t know what he did, but he did miss it.”

“When we got to the path three 124 meters, I knew exactly what to.”
“He left his short the pot. I needled mine to two feet – I just knew it was going to be good as soon as I hit it.”

“He made a bit of a mess of the bogey, and I only had to two putts to win, so two putts it was.”

McLaren said the win was incredibly satisfying for a team that had bonded well throughout the season.

“It’s our only our second year in Division Two, so now to get to Division One is great.”

“My first year in Master Pennant, and I went undefeated, to win it for the team feels massive for me and a thrill for the team; I’m proud to part of it, and kudos to the team for the whole year.”

FInal Scores (Camden First)
Darren Cummins Lost to Jason Thompson 2Up
Lincoln McLaren Def Chon Son 4/3
Greg Matheson Def Richard Kemp 1 Up
Gary Hunt Lost to Brett Wunderlich 2Up
Chris Zanoni Lost to Richard Hayes 2 Up
Michael Brislane Def Rodeny Forrester 2/1
David Jansen Lost to Scott Wunderlich 3/2
Shane Taylor Def Shane Wunderlich 3/1

2023 Master Pennant

Port Pip Links in Southern Thriller

Bragging rights in the southern contest for 2023 Master Pennant came down to a sudden- death playoff after both teams finished four matches apiece at Wollongong Golf Club this afternoon.

Port Kembla Club President Matthew Ward was the man of the moment, one down playing the last in regulation, he slotted a four foot birdie on the last to tie his match against his plucky Links opponent, Grant Meredith , to tie the contest and force extra holes.

Ward made no mistake on the 19th, knocking on the par-five first for three to about 2 1/2 metres, Meredith, meanwhile was short for three before putting up to just under a metre, before Ward drained his vital putt for a four to win the hole and the contest.

“The reaction when it dropped was high-fives and cuddles all round.”

“It wasn’t just me, though, Denis Allen also Birdie the 17th and the 18th to secure his match as well.”

“Everybody hepled, it was a whole team effort.the rapport of the team has been pretty good.”

” We scraped into the semis on for and against so it was a really good feeling.”

FINAL RESULT (Port Kembla First)
Scott Hainsworth Tied Tom Persson
Peter Walker Def Paul Zuiderwyk 6/5
Stuart Duncan Def Craig Farnham 3/2
Denis Allen Def James James Hegarty 1Up
Wayne Butler Lost to Scott Ready 2/1
Neil Bartley Lost to Les Legradi 1Up
Rodney Thompson Lost to Brett Dowd
Matthew Ward Tied grant Meredith (Ward Won match on first sudden death hole)

2023 Master Pennant - Newcastle

Newcastle Too Strong in the North

Newcastle have clinched back-to-back Northern Division Masters Pennants with a strong win over Maitland at Pacific Dunes Golf Club.

Bruce Hill and Ash Bosworth took control of their matches very early taking healthy leads through nine holes. Bruce securing Newcastle’s first point with a 6&5 win while Ash Bosworth followed close behind with a 7&6 win.

Maitland’s Turner was solid and secured their first point with a impressive 7&5 win over Craig Park.

It was then Bryan Gulliver who squared up the contest with a 3&2 win over undefeated Nick Ebrill from Newcastle.

Newcastle’s Jason McBeath 6&5 win and Greg Frazer hard fought 2&1 win put Newcastle in an unbeatable position as the clinching half point was left with Mark Ellison who was 3up with 3 to play and agreed with his opponent to call their match a half and claim the Northern Division Master Pennant.

Ken Brewer was in a battle with Steve Lill until he heard the news and also halving their match.

“Congratulations to Maitland for getting the job done last week against Shelly Beach and giving us a run today..” said Captain Ellison

“Hopefully we can continue and go one better this year..” Ellison smiled.

FINAL RESULT (Newcastle First)
Greg Frazer Def Mick Robbins 2/1
Steve McNab Def Bruce Hill 6/5
Nicholas Ebril Lost to Bryan Gulliver 3/2
Wayne Wilson Def Ash Bosworth 7/6
Peter Callingham Def Jason McBeath 6/5
Shane Muir Tied Mark Ellinson
Grant Turner Def Craig Park 7/5
Ken Brewer Tied Steve Lill

Master Pennant Final

Bankstown Dominate in Division III

Bankstown has run away with the Division III Master Pennant final, recording a resounding 6 1/2 to 1 1/2 win over Marrickville.

The Bnkstown squad were never really troubled in their contest, with all but one of their team holding comfortable leads after nine holes at Twin Creeks.

Team Captain Tom Sayers led the way with a resounding win, 6/4, and was delighted after the round.

“It’s been fun, rolling on and winning a final doesn’t happen to everyone.” Sayers said. “We had thought before we started the whole thing it was all about process, not outcome.”

“I have a bit of a golfing background, a bit higher than this, so I sort of helped coach and advise how to get through mentally, and it worked.”

Bankstown will step into the higher company of Division II from next year, and Sayers said he believed the team was up for the challenge. First, however, was enjoying the victory at hand.

“It’ll be a bit tougher next year going up a division, so the matches will become a little bit harder.

“But it’s a challenge I think we will take on board and be willing to accept anyway. So yeah, fingers crossed.”

We’ve had a good day, and we’ll give it a shake next year, hopefully.”

FINAL RESULTS ( Banstown First)
Tom Sayers Def Duc Huynh 6/4
Zoran Mitrovski Def Matt Ribarovski 4/2
Don Wory Def Jason Dunn 5/4
Stweart PEarson Def Dane Jones 4/3
Jorg Knoflack Tied Graeme Finley
Adam De Maude Def Peter Gay 5/4
Stephen Kennaugh Def JAson Chong 2/1
Vince Canton Tied Khristian Kerrigan

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Metro Div IV: After a Stellar Year, Brighton Prove Too Strong

Brighton Lakes have provedn too strong for their opponents, Wallacia in the Divsion IV final, winning 5 matches to 3.

It was not an entirely unexpected result, with Brighton steamrolling through their divison matches undefeated and then going on to a handy win in last week’s semi against Fox Hills, 5 1/2 to 2 1/2

Team Captain Glenn Langby was thrilled with the result.

“Awesome I’s an amazing feeling,:” he grinned. “I said to my boys before today, you know you don’t get to play for a flag or a pennant every year, so cherish the moment.

“We’ve had a pretty solid solid team all year so to go undefeated is pretty awesome as well, so yeah, the boys played well. Im so very happy for them.”

Final Scores (Brighton Lakes First):
Glenn Langby Lost to Derek Dugiud 3/2
Damian Parata Tied Mark Bateup
Paul Barwick Def Rob Lee 4/3
Gavin Brown Lost to Joe Vidigal 3/2
David Horton Tied George Simpson
Peter Haim Def Scott Chambers 3/2
Mark Song Def Craig Douglas 5/4
Wayne Clemmett Def Bob Lees 7/5.

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