Concord Too Strong In Apperly Country Challenge

2022 Eric Apperly Shield champions, Concord Golf Club (Blue), were too strong for their country opponents, Illawarra, in the inaugural City Vs Country Shield challenge held at Wollongong Golf Club last weekend, with the city side claiming the win by winning 4 1/2 matches to 1 1/2.

Recently crowned Women’s Concord Club Champion and NSW State team representative Belinda Ji led the way, defeating Mitchell Austin 6/5.

Blake Phillips was another notable winner, defeating Cooper Nianios 4/, while rising Junior stars Grace Lee and Bo Chung both notched up 2/1 victories against Eddie Ward and Bradley Wills, respectively.

Wollongong’s Aksel Thomsen used his home course advantage to score the home team’s only win for the day, defeating Sophie Yip, 3/2.

With the result already decided, the match between Sam Cascio and Coby Carruthers was declared a half.

Concord Team Manager David Northery was thrilled with the team’s performance all year.

“I’m extremely proud to manage this team of superstars, you will see these men and women on your TV in the comings years I’m sure.”

SCORES (Illawarra First):
Cooper Nianios Lost to Blake Phillips 4/3.
Sam Cascio Tied Coby Carruthers.
Eddie Ward Lost to Grace Lee.
Bradley Wills Lost to Bo Chung 2/1.
Mitch Austin Lost to Belinda Ji 6/5.
Aksel Thomsen Def Sophie Yip 3/2.

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