April 24, 2024

Donation brings smiles to Telegraph Point

Golf Pro James Single has doubled down on his commitment to promoting the game in schools around his area by donating his training program fee back to a local primary school.

Single, based at Port Macquarie on the NSW Mid North Coast, delivered a golf program to the lucky students at Telegraph Point Primary School in July.

Back in March this year, the school was just one of many business and community facilities ravaged by floods.

“I delivered a golf program back in July. Half of the school was fenced off, and that the kids and teachers couldn’t use a lot of the space.

“It was pretty disappointing to see,” Single said.

Determined to do his bit to help, Single felt the best option was to donate his program delivery fee back to the appreciative staff and students.

“I donated the $1408 back to the school for them to do what they want with the money.

“They need a lot more support and money to get the place back up and running properly, so hopefully, this will help assist them in some way.

“I’m look forward to getting back to the school next year to deliver another program at some stage, with the place back in good order for the staff as well as the students,” he added.

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