No Clubs No Worries For Plucky Song

David Tease
November 10, 2021

Avondale’s June Song will be not only be battling the lingering effects of jet lag, but she will also have to deal with an unfamiliar set of clubs as the opening round of the Women’s Amateur Asia Pacific Championship gets underway this afternoon.

The 19-year-old Freshman at Iowa State endured two flights and about 14 hours in transit to get from the US midwest to the tournament venue at Abu Dhabi, only to find her clubs got lost along the way.

Almost a case of ‘I’ll take whatever fits,‘ Song has resorted to gaming a set of rentals, forcing her to temper her expectations for the week.

“My clubs didn’t turn up, so I’m using rentals. Both airlines don’t know where my clubs are, so I’m assuming they’re lost.

“I’ve had to change my expectations which is difficult, but I’m here to enjoy the experience,” Song said.

Regardless of the stress involved in losing her clubs, Song is enjoying the experience, her first time as a senior national representative. With almost a semester of College golf under her belt, Song said she intended to do her best, regardless of the circumstances.

“It’s such an amazing tournament; we’re getting treated like queens. 

“The weathers is very warm. The course is looking in such great shape and I’m loving the layout.” 

“There is actually quite a difference playing a collegiate event versus representing the country. College has taught me a lot about myself and my game, and I’m aiming to do the best I can,” she smiled.

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