April 24, 2024

Golf NSW Launches 2022-25 Strategic Plan

Golf NSW has launched its 2022-2025 Strategic Plan as it continues to build on the sport’s resurgence across the State.

Golf NSW Chairman Michael Medway said the Strategic Plan would consolidate the work of the organisation’s previous achievements in five key areas, namely club support, participation, sustainability, stakeholder relationships and technology, digital and data.

“Not only is this document a blueprint for the work of Golf NSW for the next three years, but it sets the foundations towards 2030 and beyond for the organisation.

‘The plan forms the bedrock of our continued support of Clubs and the sport across the State,” Mr Medway said.

Strategic Plan Goals

Central to the plan are several new initiatives, including:

  • Exploring shared service models for clubs by establishing a shared service working group
  • Developing a Local Government Area (LGA) engagement strategy
  • Developing a facilities needs plan
  • Expansion of (Get into Golf) programs to include multicultural, indigenous, and all abilities participation.
  • Explore greater club-based and statewide competitions
  • Establish a ‘Home of Golf’ in NSW
  • Develop an ongoing government engagement strategy that looks beyond the next election cycle
  • Develop a digital and data strategy and explore new technology which we can use to promote the game to new markets.

In addition to highlighting these initiatives, the plan sets out the organisation’s core values and supports industry partners across the State.

Stuart Fraser, CEO of Golf NSW, said the plan was the culmination of many months of work by the Board and senior management.

“With good governance, respect and innovation, Golf NSW can build on the achievements of our recent past and provide the practical support needed to service clubs & golfers in our broader community.

“Our advocacy makes a difference to those who most need it. We are always ready to assist,” Mr Fraser added.

Key achievements from the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan included:

Club Support

  • Appointment of nine JNJG/Golf NSW Regional Managers across the State
  • The completion of over 40 small club/district websites


  • The establishment of four key tournaments (Men’s and Women’s NSW Opens, the NSW Senior Open & Australian Ladies Classic, Bonville, with two tournaments televised, providing a platform to promote the game
  • The launch of the Golf NSW App


  • Introduction of the state-wide Keno Let’s Play Ambrose
  • Launch of ‘Get Into Golf’ for Women and Seniors


  • Development of template club constitution
  • Introduction of a new Golf NSW constitution
  • Improved communication with clubs through annual Road Shows
  • Greater industry collaboration and closer ties across all levels of government 
  • Increased awareness of the NSW Golf Foundation

Nicole Bessant, Golf NSW Regional Manager, Illawarra, said the new plan addressed several critical growth areas for the game, especially in regional NSW.

“Golf NSW recognises there are many more people engaged with the sport than ever before; social golfers, occasional golfers, through to people who simply want some exercise. 

“This plan will help us devise the next steps required to ensure this growth at the grass-roots level builds into something sustained and long term for all of us.”

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