October 7, 2022

COVID -19: ACT Latest & FAQ’s

COVID-19 FAQ’s for the ACT:

The ACT continues to introduce easing of the COVID restrictions from December 30.

The following guidelines remain in place. When in the community, remember to:

  • Wear a mask indoors and wear it properly
  • Maintain good hand hygiene
  • Physical distance from people outside of your household – at least 1.5 metres
  • Check-in with the Check-In CBR app
  • Reduce touchpoints
  • Regularly clean any shared equipment

Your Club must also have a COVID Safe plan which must be produced if requested by an authorised officer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Social and competition golf is allowed.

  • Organised competitions can recommence, including fourball and other ‘team’ events
  • Change rooms can be open 
  • Maintain physical distancing

There is no longer a requirement for a club to have a COVID-19 Safe Plan; however, clubs may choose to continue to adopt modified playing conditions.

Please click here for a full list of those modifications.

Practice at an outdoor driving range as a form of exercise is allowed. 

Pro shops may operate within the density limits.

Motorised carts may be used (at the discretion of the club) and may be shared.  

Motorised carts and hire equipment should be cleaned by the club prior to re-use.

In the ACT, a person must at all time wear a face mask indoors, unless seated at a table in a restaurant or cafe whilst eating and drinking.


In the ACT, Clubs may serve food and beverages within the limitations of the Public Health Direction, which includes density limits of one person per 2 square metres.  This limit must be advertisd at the entrance to the indoor area.

Contactless coaching is allowed within the current gathering limits

There are no interstate restrictions for travellers, excpet for close contacts.

Clubs may ask members/golfers to provide proof of vaccination information voluntarily. However, under current privacy laws, there is no obligation for a member/golfer to provide such information. Unless a person is required by law to provide this information, clubs should ensure they obtain express consent from the member/golfer when collecting this information. Clubs subject to the Privacy Act should ensure they handle any such information under a compliant privacy policy.

Clubs should not make public information about a person’s vaccination status.

Under a club’s constitution, there may be provisions to enforce only permitting vaccinated persons to enter or use their facilities. However, clubs should take care when relying on such requirements under their constitution.

Info on general restrictions can be found at the following link:

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