September 25, 2021

COVID -19: ACT Latest & FAQ’s

COVID-19 FAQ’s for the ACT:

Canberrans are being asked to stay at home to assist in response to positive cases of COVID-19 in the ACT.

The lockdown restrictions will be in effect until midnight Friday, 15 October following an extension of the lockdown on 14 September.

The easing of some restrictions from 11.59pm on 17 September will allow golf to be played as a social / recreational form of exercise.  

This FAQ page will have more golf club related FAQ’s added once the current restrictions ease and golf can be played in the ACT.

Frequently Asked Questions:

From 11:59pm on 17 September, social golf will be allowed.

  • Play should be limited to a maximum of 9 holes of golf, given it can generally be played in two hours
  • Play may occur in groups of up to four players.
  • Clubs may need to manage player density limits on the course, including waiting areas at tees, to avoid player groups congregating and to ensure a good pace of play
  • Social play may be permitted for both club members and non-club members (access by non-club members/green fee players is at the discretion of each club).

Golf NSW recommends the re-introduction of modified local rules in the ACT.

This applies across the ACT, Greater Sydney and regional NSW until further notice.

The use of the modified playing conditions should be included as a part of a Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan, e.g., flags left in, no rakes in bunkers, no swapping of scorecards etc.

Please click here for a full list of those modifications.

Practice at an outdoor driving range as a form of exercise is allowed and restricted to a maximum of 2 hours per person per day.

Practice at an outdoor driving range should not be undertaken in addition to the play of 9 holes, as this cannot occur within the two hour limit for exercise.

Pro shops may operate to facilitate registration etc with limited access by patrons.

Browsing of the retail area within Pro Shops should not occur.

Motorised carts may be used (at the discretion of the club) and may only carry one person.  The exception may be if the two golfers playing are from the same residence.

Motorised carts and hire equipment should be cleaned by the club prior to re-use.

In the ACT, when outside their residence a person must at all times:

  1. Carry a face mask
  2. Wear a face mask

unless exempt under Sec 3 Para 10 of the Emergency Direction.

Face masks should only be removed while undertaking ‘vigorous’ exercise while on the playing area and are to be replaced immediately upon completing play and before return to any public area of the facility.
sec 3 Para 9 & 11.

In the ACT, Clubs must be closed except for take away.

Horticultural/green keeping activities can continue as essential work under the urgent maintenance/repair clauses contained in the Direction. 

ACT, Sport and Recreation

Social play does not currently include the conduct of golf lessons or other training/coaching activity.

Members of a Golf Club who reside in teh ACT may travel from their place of residence directly to their member club and they should return directly to their regional locality.

Green fee golfers are restricted to play only at golf courses within their region.

Green fee golfers may be asked to show proof of residence within the region to be eligible to play at a facility.


Under the Current Public Health emergency Direction, you are NOT permitted to travel out of the ACT Area to exercise, which includes playing golf.

Ref: Section 5 Para 19

No.  Under the Public Health Emergency Direction (No 9) currently in force in the ACT, there is no difference in limitations imposed on players engaging in physical or recreational activities in an outdoor space, including golf, based on vaccination status.

Clubs may ask members/golfers to provide proof of vaccination information voluntarily. However, under current privacy laws, there is no obligation for a member/golfer to provide such information. Unless a person is required by law to provide this information, clubs should ensure they obtain express consent from the member/golfer when collecting this information. Clubs subject to the Privacy Act should ensure they handle any such information under a compliant privacy policy.

Clubs should not make public information about a person’s vaccination status.

Under a club’s constitution, there may be provisions to enforce only permitting vaccinated persons to enter or use their facilities. However, clubs should take care when relying on such requirements under their constitution.

Info on general restrictions can be found at the following link:

A copy of the ACT Government Public Health (Lockdown Restrictions) Emergency Direction 2021 Online PDF  is HERE:

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