Women’s Major Pennant resumes for 2021

David Tease
February 9, 2021

Women’s Major Pennant is underway, and like the men, the turn-around for many after the upheaval of the 2020 season due to COVID was a very short one.

Bonnie Doon have started the season in fine form in section one. after grabbing a half point at home on the opening weekend against the defending champions, The Australian, The ‘Doon pulled off a remarkable three matches to two victory in the return leg.

Suzanne Fairhurst has been the standout for Bonnie Doon, grabbing two wins to start the year.

In the other group match, NSW consolidated their dominant home ground five/nil win against Stonecutters Ridge on the opening week with a four matches to one victory on the Greg Norman designed Colebee layout.

There were several impressive winners for the La Perouse outfit, none more so than Jessica Widarma’s 9/7 result.

[showhide type=”wpennantdiv1sec1″ more_text=”Women’s Division:1 Section:1 Results” less_text=”Hide Results” hidden=”yes”] (Home team listed first)

The Australian Vs Bonnie Doon

Hayley McNeill def Ashleigh Arnold 1up
Annika Rathbone lost to Taylor Newlin 4/3
Charlotte Perkins def Alena Oppenheimer 6/5
Jess Lasky lost to Suzanne Fairhurst 6/4
Abbey Bull lost to Sophie Cusack 2/1

Stonecutters Ridge Vs NSW

Lia Lavelle lost to Jasmine Driscoll 4/3
Casey Thompson lost to Gemma Dooley 6/5
Annabelle Elina lost to Jessica Widarma 9/7
Gina Do lost to Michelle Moon 4/3
Maddy Haggerty def Michelle Di Natale 4/3


Concord have a slight lead in Section two after claiming a vital half point at home against St Michael’s. With a number of players missing due to the Australian Amateur, the task of consolidating their away win was going to be fierce for the concord unit, however wins to Madison Woodley and Janet Wonders helped the inner-west team to grab half a point.

IN the other match, The Lakes grabbed a vital home win against an Avondale unit missing two of it’s best, State Representatives Grace Kim and June Song.

Taylah Ellems, Selena Bosevski and Irene Kaloudis all grabbed wins for the Eastern suburbs team.

[showhide type=”wpennantdiv1sec2″ more_text=”Women’s Division:1 Section:2 Results” less_text=”Hide Results” hidden=”yes”] (Home team listed first)

The Lakes Vs Avondale

Taylah Ellems def Kara Williams 3/2
Selena Bosevski def Rebecca Yao 3/2
Irene Kaloudis def Jessica Meekin 3/2
Karen Lasky lost to Yeleen Son 9/7
Lucia Haigh lost to Robyn Keen 2up

Concord Vs St Michael’s

Sophie Yip lost to Kelsey Bennett 3/2
Madison Woodley def Teresa Nurdi 3/1
Janet Wonders def Pamela Tsiamis 3/2
Alyssa Wikana lost to Sienna Clarke 5/4
Sarah HIllman-Varma halved Madeleine Nurdi


Division Two

Moore Park consolidated their opening round 4/1 win at home by grabbing a vital half point against Pymble, while in the other division, Cronulla battled for a half point at home against Penrith after losing to Lynwood on the opening weekend.

[showhide type=”wpennantdiv2sec1″ more_text=”Women’s Division: 2 Results” less_text=”Hide Results” hidden=”yes”] (Home team listed first)

Pymble Vs Moore Park

Sally Waddington def Lucie Quilliam 6/4
Megan Kennedy halved Anna Booth
Les Dickinson lost to Angela Liu
Shaun Bennett lost to Charlotte Huynh 4/3
Robyn Smith def Lucy Child 5/4

Moore Park Vs Ryde-Parra (played 31/1)

Lucie Quilliam def Michelle Bang 4/3
Anna Booth def Yun Lei 7/6
Angela Liu def Chloe Han 4/2
Nikki Haines lost to Susan Park 3/2
Charlotte Huynh dè Minhye Kim 7/6

Penrith Vs Cronulla

Mikayla Edwards def Jenni Thuge 6/4
Isabelle Mansfield def Marie Ticehurst 2up
Vicki Hall halved Donna Rann
Melissa Dwight lost to Deb Timmins 5/4
Diane Montgomery lost to Sue Howard 3/2

Cronulla Vs Lynwood (played 31/1)

Jenni Thuge lost to Nara Shin 6/5
Marie Ticehurst lost to Linda Gyzen 4/3
Donna Ran Halved Imogen Carter
Deb Timmins halved Deanna Gurmaij Chung
Sue Howard def Katie Eastaway


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