February 26, 2024

Media Message delivered for HP Squad

HP Media Training

The challenge might not seem the toughest, but when the media’s questions start to delve deep, be prepared to give a little extra of yourself.

Being prepared when fronting the media, and not just delivering a canned response was one of the key messages delivered to the Golf NSW HP Squad as they were put through their media paces today in front of some mock media with the microphones and cameras rolling.

Niav Owens, Director of Media Goals, spent the morning guiding the squad through the media landscape and want they should expect when faced with fronting the press.

For some, it was a very uncomfortable position, while for others, it was like they had been fronting the cameras for years.

While often the questions are standard, there’s one now and then which does require more than a simple response, and not just about your prowess at Call of Duty.

Ms Owens outlined the current landscape, the importance of being personal when being asked about your performance, branding, and the impact media has on the growth of the sport.

Giving a little of yourself through the process is important, and why, as athletes, they too will benefit from the process as their careers progress.

Giving the fans a part of the experience, and also ensuring their brands could grow as part of the message delivery.

Put to the test in a bit of an impromptu post-round interview, the participants excelled.

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