Give-back part of the journey from good to great

Seeing hard work and commitment forge good golfers into great ones is rewarding for many.

Still, the commitment required often extends beyond personal achievement for some athletes. Importantly, it also involves giving back to those who aspire to follow in others’ footsteps.

With COVID all but locking down touring professional life for many of Australia’s golfing elite for the foreseeable future, Some have taken the time to give back to the next generation.

NZ Open Champion and Japanese Tour player Brad Kennedy stepped in recently to assist the HPP athletes with some training advice and insights into life on tour, while multiple winner on the Australasian and European Challenge Tour – and a former Golf NSW High-Performance squad member – Dimi Papadatos took the squad through their paces at Twin Creeks before heading to Precision Athletica for a gym session.

The gesture wasn’t lost on some of the squad, who have embraced the ‘give back’ by supporting the ‘next-gen’ back at their home club.

Jordie Garner with Shelly Beach Juniors

The Central Coast’s Jordie Garner is one athlete in the Program who has embraced the idea.

“whenever the Central Coast Academy of Sport hold a training session at Shelly or magenta, they have me to come down and chat with the kids.

“We talk about progressing to further levels and how to practice and the attitude that is needed.

“The kids always ask to play holes after and even want practice tips,” Garner said.

“I always end up showing them a few things, and if they need help with something, I just give them a quick fix.”

Golf NSW High-Performance Manager Khan Pullen said giving back was a vital part of a players development.

“One of the Program’s key objectives is to educate the squad members on sports leadership.

“Elite players are championing voices for the sport and part of that includes giving back to those who aspire to follow in their footsteps,” Pullen explained.

“Jordie encapsulates this by playing and practising with the CCA squad members and also the juniors at his home base, Shelley Beach.”

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