Govt grant eases water woes at Uralla

Uralla Golf Club has seen its long-term future secured after receiving a State Government grant to redevelop the course watering system and clubhouse upgrade.

After a torrid 12 months struggling to keep the course alive through drought, Local MP Adam Marshall delivered the good news in the tune of a $251,020 State Government grant to redevelop the course watering system and clubhouse upgrade.

20200423 HR Uralla GC supplied
Club President Darrell Carson and State MP Adam Marshall.

The Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall worked with Club President Darrell Carson to secure approval for two bores, which could be used to water the greens struggling due to the prolonged dry.

Mr Marshall said the new watering system would reduce the amount of water needed to maintain the greens.

“This grant is the sweetest and most celebrated hole-in-one ever sunk on the Uralla course.

“It’s been a torrid year for the club, and to pull through with the course intact has been a herculean effort.

“This funding is a just and deserved reward.”

Welcome Relief

During the worst of the drought the club relied on Uralla Shire Council and the generosity local volunteers to truck water in to keep the course alive. With Water NSW approvals now in place the grant will allow the club to sink two bores at strategic sites on the 5,710-metre course.

The bores will act as an emergency water supply when its storage dams get low. in addition, the funds will also allow a smart watering system to be installed, replacing the existing 50-year-old scheme.

20200423 HR Uralla GC supplied 02
Hard Times: New bores and watering system are a welcome addition to Uralla Golf Club

The new system will control sprinklers on the tee and greens remotely and provide up to date information on the amount of water being used on the course.

“Automation of the sprinkler system will reduce the amount of physical labour needed to maintain the facility, easing pressure on the single green keeper and club members,” Club President Darell Carson explained.

Mr Carson said during the drought it took a community effort to keep the greens alive.

“Every day we had volunteers turning up to the club, first thing in the morning, and giving up their time to water the greens from shuttles.

“We have 18 holes here at Uralla which requires a lot of man power to water. It was incredible to see some of those who volunteered were not even members, just people who wanted to see the club survive.

“Despite best efforts many of the greens have still suffered horribly with patches dying. I am hopeful through this funding we are able to bring the course back to life for the enjoyment of the community.”

Community impact

Mr Marshall said $88,220 of the grant would be spent renovating the clubhouse to make it more publicly accessible.

“The Uralla Golf Club really is a venue for the whole family with a bistro open on a Friday and night meat raffles of a Sunday,” he said.

“Parts of the aged facility are in need of refurbishing and this grant will be used to update both the male and female toilets, as well as install a new disabled toiled in the building.

“Currently Uralla Golf Club has 300 members and I expect with the addition of these improved amenities we will see more people become associated with the club, and if not, take up the sport at least make it their local.”

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