COVID-19 Juniors & School Holiday Golf

In keeping with our call to all golfers and clubs to “create a culture which ensures we can keep our courses open” it is imperative we ensure juniors also follow these rules during the upcoming school holidays.

A common practice for parents is to drop off their child at the start of the day and pick them up again once it gets dark.  Quite simply, this practice cannot occur these school holidays.  We cannot allow our practice greens and pro shops to become a gathering point.  

COVID-19 Rules & Regulations -April 6th
COVID-19 State & Federal govt Assistance Packages

Juniors MUST adhere to the same regulations as other golfers.

  • Arrive just prior to your tee time
  • Play golf (in twos) whilst ensuring your social distancing is maintained
  • Ensure parents are ready to take their child home immediately after golf has finished.  Don’t forget that playing in a two ball is much quicker than the usual round.

Remember, it will take only one instance of a golfer breaking the rules and the game could be shut down for all.

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