February 29, 2024

COVID-19: Golf to continue in the ACT

2018 NSW Amateur final

The ACT Government has this afternoon issued the following advice in relation to the continued operation of golf:

Relative to sport and recreation, the following restrictions enforcing closure are in place at Monday 30 March 2020:

  • gyms and indoor sporting venues
  • amusement parks, arcades and play centres (indoor and outdoor)
  • health clubs, fitness centres, yoga, barre and spin facilities, saunas, bathhouses and wellness centres and swimming pools
  • community facilities such as community halls, libraries and youth centres, RSL and PCYC
  • One-on-one personal training (i.e. trainer and client) can be conducted outdoors while observing physical distancing. Boot camps can no longer proceed

As golf falls outside of these restrictions, it may proceed. However, it should not be business as usual. 

All mitigation measures should be put in place to lower the risk of disease transmission. In particular, you must ensure that golf activity in any place where there is a gathering of people does not have a density of more than one person per 4m2 and people must not participate in groups greater than two individuals at any point in time. 

Participants who are aged over 70, aged over 65 with pre-existing condition or indigenous people aged over 50 with pre-existing conditions are advised to stay home wherever possible for their own protection.

The situation is evolving rapidly. These restrictions may change.

Individual golf clubs are advised to use their own discretion in deciding to remain open or closed based on individual circumstances related to COVID-19.

The ACT/MONARO DGA strongly encourages all ACT-based clubs to put in place and abide by the social distancing and other requirements described above, as well as having regard to the other control measures and rule changes previously promulgated and authorised by the R&A, Golf Australia and Golf NSW.

NSW-based clubs should ensure they comply with the latest advice issued by the NSW Government.

We can expect to be watched by others and it is imperative that we DO THE RIGHT THING so that participation in golf may continue.

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