April 24, 2024

Leading for Change at 2019 Golf Forum

Leading for Change was the theme for the 2019 Golf Forum which took place at Oatlands Golf Club on 19 November.

Keynote speaker, trend forecaster Michael McQueen has opened the forum discussing disruption and changes society will face through artificial intelligence, and automation of tasks and services.

HR 20191119 Golf NSW forum 004
Representatives of Golf NSW clubs attending the 2019 Golf Forum

Mr McQueen highlighted the use of facial recognition technology in society, its applications and benefits. He asked the question to the audience of how it could be applied to the golf club industry.

He discussed the consumer it would apply to, how the disruption could benefit organisations and cater to changing markets.

Mr McQueen asked the audience to highlight examples of their organisations dating to the three major forms of disruption: wide-scale automation, empowered consumers, and emerging generations.

Driving your Food and Beverage Revenue

John Tully, an expert in identifying strategic cultural and operational issues inhibiting growth and performance in club operations, addressed the forum about trends in driving in house revenue for clubs.

HR 20191119 Golf NSW forum 078
John Tully talking about driving food and beverage revenue in clubs

Mr Tully explained about clubs’ viability and identifying demographic trends in their catchment areas.

He talked about membership-based business models and how some are fraught with declining markets.

HR 20191119 Golf NSW forum 080
Delegates at the 2019 Golf Forum at Oatlands Golf Club

Mr Tully explained the strategy behind exploiting assets around a club’s primary market; their local community – and targeting offerings towards these consumers. This allows the flow of the funds go to supporting the club’s sport and primary function.

He talked about how to grow in a declining market. Amalgamate or innovate. Mr Tully reinforced the view of clubs being able to thrive by innovating around food and beverage.

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