April 22, 2024

But will it spin? Nissan Develop the “Perfect” Golf Ball

It might be straight form the engineers laboratory, but can it spin?

Nissan Japan have developed a golf ball that just can’t miss. The ball, shown today in a promotional video, allows anyone to sink jaw-dropping putts with little more than the ability to strike the ball.

The ball is a proof of concept of NIsaan’s driver assistance technology, called ProPilot, which will debut in the Nissan Skyline next month (sadly only in Japan) oh and if you’re wondering, no Nissan, isn’t getting into the golf industry.

In the video, a toddler steps onto the green, takes a quick glance at the cup, and then sinks a putt that would make any weekender — and many pros — jealous.

Sadly, it’s not all skill. overhead cameras detect the position of the ball and cup. When hit, the ball calculates the correct route, adjusting its speed and trajectory along the way via an internal electric motor.

Although it’s never going to see the course, it’s a creative way to prop some fantastic technology, with a bit of golf thrown in.

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