Local & State Gov Grant Assistance

Local & State Gov Grant Assistance

Grant Assistance

Golf NSW is equipped to help affiliated clubs with Local, State and Federal Government grant assistance.

Local communities, sporting organisations and councils have numerous opportunities throughout the year to apply for grants supporting various projects and infrastructures.

Applicants will be required to identify the type of projects they are seeking a grant for.  These can range from sport development, community sports events, sports access and facility development.  Conditions apply.

Please review the crtieria to see if you club fits the grants guidelines.  If you have any questions or need help with applying for these grants please contact: 

Upcoming Grants

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Contact Info:

Stuart Fraser
T: 9505 9105
E: info@golfnsw.org.au

Bernard Bratusa
Head of Government Relations
T: 02 95059105
E: bernard.bratusa@golfnsw.org.au

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