St Hallett Hole-In-One Club

A Hole-in-One is one of the most exciting achievements a golfer can have playing our great game.

Golf NSW is proud to recognise those golfers who have achieved the astounding feat through the St Hallett Hole-in-one Club.

Stuart Blackwell, St Hallett Chief Winemaker, agrees and has established the “St Hallett Hole in One Club” to recognise this.

If your club is a St. Hallett Hole in One partner, anyone who scores an ace receives the following items in recognition of the achievement:

  • An exclusive St Hallett Hole in One Club cap
  • A bottle of St Hallett wine
  • A Certificate recognising the achievement presented by your club
  • Recognition here on the Golf NSW website, and in the monthly Golfing NSW Newsletter


St Hallett Hole-in-One Club Achievers 2024:

Name ClubHoleDate
Michael Wuttke-HayesNarooma Golf Club1423/6/2024
Owen McMahonTura Beach Country Club1322/6/2024
Alan MorrisForster Tuncurry Golf Club422/6/2024
Craig FretwellAsquith Golf Club619/6/2024
Terry DryburghBonville Golf Resort518/6/2024
Jakobus LiebenbergBelmont Golf Club1315/6/2024
Sandra CroweTura Beach Country Club1315/6/2024
Hilton PetersWyong Golf Club1712/6/2024
Gary SaleBelmont Golf Club1312/6/2024
Dennis MayForster Tuncurry Golf Club149/6/2024
Chris CollinsStonecutters Ridge Golf Club119/6/2024
Jeffrey ArnoldBelmont Golf Club169/6/2024
Peter MannEden Sports & Recreation Club38/6/2024
Luke TysonNorthbridge Golf Club158/6/2024
Trent CooksleyRussell Vale Golf Club171/6/2024
Michael CummingShelly Beach Golf Club1626/5/2024
Andrew ChewNorthbridge Golf Club126/5/2024
Brian McDonaldEden Sports & Recreation Club1825/5/2024
Mark RooneyNorthbridge Golf Club325/5/2024
Stacey GrovesGloucester Country Club625/5/2024
Trevor BrownMoruya Golf Club523/5/2024
Kim Moon YoungStonecutters Ridge1723/5/2024
Jay TotEasts Leisure & Golf1123/5/2024
Anderw HoneysettKogarah Golf Club1322/5/2024
Adrian AdamKogarah Golf Club1022/5/2024
Jake NelsonBelmont Golf Club1622/5/2024
Ian LaingShelly Beach Golf Club416/5/2024
Steve PearceBelmont Golf Club1315/5/2024
Gerard HefferWagga Wagga Country Club1411/5/2024
Brian BloodworthWagga Wagga Country Club710/5/2024
Emmanuel YiNorthbridge Golf Club159/5/2024
Mark OppyPennant Hills Golf Club98/5/2024
Luke HolmWagga Wagga Country Club74/5/2024
Robert HowlandTathra Beach Country Club184/5/2024
Lucas MeehanRussell Vale Golf Club154/5/2024
Charly WilsonTamworth Golf Club31/5/2024
Ron HuttPennant Hills Golf Club41/5/2024
Stephen McElhinneyShelly Beach Golf Club1323/4/2024
Peter SelbergNorthbridge Golf Club321/4/2024
Hayden ClarkeShortland Waters Golf Club1420/4/2024
Gary PomplunForster Tuncurry Golf Club620/4/2024
Sharon StokesForster Tuncurry Golf Club1419/4/2024
Roland ReesTathra Beach Country Club1818/4/2024
Christopher WishartStonecutters Ridge1114/4/2024
Arthur SmithWyong Golf Club1714/4/2024
Dave QuetcherRussell Vale Golf Club1213/4/2024
Stephen McGarrigleForster Tuncurry Golf Club613/4/2024
Ron Van EdeRussell Vale Golf Club1513/4/2024
Nicole JarvisEden Sports & Recreation Club912/4/2024
Edward HarveyNarooma Golf Club1711/4/2024
Chris KohAsquith Golf Club610/4/2024
Peter WardNarooma Golf Club174/4/2024
Des JacksonTuross Head Country Club43/4/2024
Warren ChandlerWoolooware Golf Club92/4/2024
Ted RamosStonecutters Ridge161/4/2024
Gordon MillarKogarah Golf Club830/3/2024
David FeatherstoneBonville Golf Resort327/3/2024
Greg CoulthartCallala Country Club1426/3/2024
Shane KennedyTamworth Golf Club320/3/2024
Trevor MalzardStonecutters Ridge619/3/2024
Kieran BowdenWoolooware Golf Club1616/3/2024
Greg LawsOatlands Golf Club213/3/2024
May ElyardRussell Vale Golf Club1712/3/2024
Patrick MorrisForster Tuncurry Golf Club412/3/2024
Chris LeckeyJamberoo Golf Club711/3/2024
Toby BartleJamberoo Golf Club711/3/2024
John BrosterWagga Wagga Country Club189/3/2024
William HendryBelmont Golf Club169/3/2024
Matthew HoneysettWagga Wagga Country Club146/3/2024
Ken HushTuross Head Country Club46/3/2024
Brad TaylerBelmont Golf Club56/3/2024
Bo HuaAsquith Golf Club63/3/2024
Brett ChambersRussell Vale Golf Club112/3/2024
Rea JangAsquith Golf Club92/3/2024
John HollisBlackheath Golf Club22/3/2024
Peter LeabeaterLynwood Golf & Country Club32/3/2024
Brian LukinsWoolooware Golf Club928/2/2024
Philip GreenwoodForster Tuncurry Golf Club927/2/2024
Simon WozniakAsquith Golf Club925/2/2024
Nick BrusicRussell Vale Golf Club924/2/2024
John BucinskasRussell Vale Golf Club722/2/2024
Gino AllevaWagga Wagga Country Club1816/2/2024
Jennifer NelsonWoolooware Golf Club413/2/2024
Katsu YatoKogarah Golf Club612/2/2024
Tony EllicottEasts Leisure & Golf58/2/2024
Cheryl SmeeJamberoo Golf Club93/2/2024
Steve KostrzewskiEasts Leisure & Golf133/2/2024
DC KongNorthbridge Golf Club330/1/2024
Daniel ParkAsquith Golf Club928/1/2024
Stephen PetersonAsquith Golf Club1727/1/2024
Ron HewsonJamberoo Golf Club724/1/2024
Marcus BohmanAsquith Golf Club1424/1/2024
Michael BainForster Tuncurry Golf Club923/1/2024
Jeff RyanShelly Beach Golf Club1018/1/2024
Mal WilliamsForster Tuncurry Golf Club1618/1/2024
John QuinnTamworth Golf Club914/1/2024
Geoff StruczkoEasts Leisure & Golf513/1/2024
Chris KelsallShelly Beach Golf Club1013/1/2024
Sue HarveyBelmont Golf Club1311/1/2024
Allan LangfordThross Head Golf Club411/1/2024
Steven HallTanilba Bay Golf Club410/1/2024
Colin BensonWoolooware Golf Club410/1/2024
Nick SandrejkoNorthbridge Golf Club157/1/2024
Russ AmattoRussell Vale Golf Club124/1/2024
Hugh WilsonAsquith Golf Club1424/4/2023
Michael HallForster Tuncurry Golf Club415/2/2023
Daryl GroveAsquith Golf Club1214/2/2023

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