April 24, 2024

Handicaps & Ratings


The new World Handicap System was introduced in January 2020, clubs who would like more information about how the World Handicap Systems works are encourage to contact Andrew Robb at Golf NSW as per the contact details below

Course Ratings

In 2011 when the USGA Course Rating System was first implemented in Australia, the plan was to conduct reviews every 5 or 10 years to ensure the ratings were accurate.

In Australia, that process will no longer take place. Instead, Golf NSW will conduct statistical reviews of course ratings based on the data in Golf Link.

Over the last 2 years, Golf Australia engaged a statistician who has analysed the Golf Link data and has developed a process where round data can be used to provide an estimate on the accuracy of a course rating, and provide suggestions for any fine tuning that may be necessary. Golf NSW has access to this program and can run reviews, and provide advice to Clubs for their consideration.

It’s worth noting that not all round data is included in the process. Only rounds played by home Club members that also play at other courses is included, along with rounds played by visitors to the home Club. This is a deliberate action to ensure that data is not biased in favour of golfers who only play at their home Club, as that is not always a true reflection of a playing handicap.

If you would like a review of the course rating for your Club, please contact Andrew Robb at Golf NSW as per the details below.


  • Physical course rating reviews are no longer conducted unless there have been significant changes to the course (new holes etc)
  • Clubs can request a statistical review of the course ratings, this is done using actual round data held within golflink
  • If the playing length of the course has changed by more than 100m – yes
  • If the playing par of the course has changed – yes
  • If you have had to put a temporary green in place – maybe
  • You can play 17 holes and all players get the equivalent of 2 stableford points for the hole not played
  • You can request a temporary course rating
  • At Club Level – anyone interested in completing the equivalent of a club level rules accreditation can do so online at: https://www.randa.org/rules-academy
  • Level 2 – Golf NSW schedules a couple of Level 2 Seminars each year, when they are scheduled clubs will be notified by email

For More info:

For Information about Rules, Ratings and the handicapping system contact Andrew Robb, Manager Game Development, Rules and Handicapping:

or by phone:  02 9505 9105

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