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Grong Grong Golf Club

Grong Grong Sports Club includes Grong Grong Golf Club, a nine-hole sand green golf course. The sports club is the social hub of the community. Grong Grong is a small town located in the Riverina region on the Newell Highway, 23km east of Narrandera.

The small unpretentious fibro building, erected by the citizens of Grong Grong in 1983, is very much the hub of the small town. It replaced a smaller wooden building brought in from the property of North Berembed Station just after WWII.

The building had a wooden floor, open fireplace, and outside toilets. The original structure was the Golf Club and serviced a large group of patriots that were passionate about their town, golf, and comradeship.

Locals redesigned the golf course three times. It is built on what was ‘the common,’ public land that could be used for a small fee to keep livestock.

The Grong Grong golf course presented its own challenges to those who did not play on sand greens very often.

Players from far and wide attended the annual golf tournament ; one year over one hundred participants arrived.

Grong Grong Golf Club’s Operating Season

Grong Grong Golf Club is open through the winter months, starting after Easter and finishing in October. Please contact Brian Gawne on 0427 487 505 for further information.

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Seven days a week

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Scorecard: Grong Grong Golf Club

Tee: Yellow: 6182m
Scratch Rating: 70
Slope: 115
Tee: Red: 5640m
Scratch Rating: 73
Slope: 120