September 30, 2023

Women’s Country Meeting

Women’s Country Meeting

The Women’s Country Meeting is an opportunity for women from Country & Regional NSW to come together and play on some of the best courses the state has to offer. The event is open to female amateurs who hold a current Australian or overseas equivalent handicap and are a member of a Golf NSW Country Golf Club.

The format is stroke play over 36-holes (stroke play for divisions One & Two and Stableford for division 3), 18-holes on day one, and 18-holes on day two, a free day on day three, followed by 18-holes foursomes on day four.

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Honor Roll: Mabel Mackenzie Cup

2021   Not Played (Covid-19)
2020   Not Played (Covid-19)
2019    S Crowden
2018    J Hardy
2017    S Reguson
2016    K Burke
2015    S Reguson
2014    J Mackay
2013    J Mackay
2012    J MacDonald
2011    J Boland
2010    J Swanson
2009    J Swanson
2008    J Blenkey
2007    J Swanson
2006    J Swanson
2005    J Swanson
2004    L Barwick
2003    L Smyth
2002    N Garrett
2001    M Russell

Honor Roll: Vera Rankin Trophy

2021   Not Played (Covid-19)
2020   Not Played (Covid-19)
2019   S Reguson and J Rockliff
K Ferris and L Pickett
2018    J Hardy and J Ramsey
2017    F Bessant and M Sullivan
2016    J Horne and J Horton
2015    S Reguson and J Rockliff
2014    S Reguson and J Rockliff
2013    S Reguson and J Rockliff
2012    D Thomlinson and K Burke
S Reguson and J Rockliff
2011    J Mackay and S Bailey
B Driscoll and A Jackson
2010    E Graham and D Thomlinson
2009    J McCallum and S Oliver
J Ninness and K Rumbel
2008    E Graham and D Thomlinson
2007    J Mackay and R John
2006    T Cooper and J Horne
H Atkins and D Johnson
2005    D Boulton and L Barwick
2004    D Thomlinson and L Douglas
R Brinkman and K Woolcock
D Thomlinson and L Douglas
2003    P Elliott and J Henry
2002    N Garrett and K Burke
2001    S Williams and D McLaurin

Event Contact:

Tahnia Ravnjak

Phone No.:

02 9505 9105

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